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  • Panagopoulos, N.G., Mullins, R. & Avramidis, P. (2018). Sales Force Downsizing and Firm-Idiosyncratic Risk: The Contingent Role of Investors’ Screening and Firm’s Signaling Processes, Journal of Marketing, 82(6), pp 71-88 (Impact factor 2019: 7.821) (ABS 2018: 4*)
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  • Gregory, R.W., Henfridsson, O., Kaganer, E., Kyriakou, H. (2021). The Role of Artificial Intelligence and Data Network Effects for Creating User Value. Academy of Management Review Vol. 46(3), 534-551. Received Best Research Paper Award from the ESSEC Foundation, 2022.
  • Kyriakou, H., Nickerson, J.V. & Sabnis, G. (2017). Knowledge Reuse for Customization: Metamodels in an Open Design Community for 3D Printing. MIS Quarterly, 41(1), 315-322. Received Best Published Paper Award from the Academy of Management, OCIS, 2018)
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