Evolving Learners

Agile leaders are eager learners.

To stay relevant, they keep evolving. They learn, unlearn and relearn.

They are willing to go back to school and study to expand their knowledge and leadership skills. 

Alba supports its Alumni in their professional development by offering them exclusively an innovative program of continuous learning called Evolving Learners.

This three-fold futureproof educational proposal aims to help you take your business knowledge and leader’s potential to the next level. Ιt allows you to reskill and upskill to cope with the demands of the current disruptive business environment. 

Here’s how:

As an Alba graduate, you are eligible to:

  • immerse into an executive education workshop, on Science Fiction as Digital Strategy, with Dr Nikos Mylonopoulos
  • attend contemporary courses in various fields of Management such as Finance, Marketing, Shipping, HRM, Tourism etc.and
  • enjoy spesific career services 

You will be required to attend the lectures, exercises and other activities during scheduled class time and participate in all methods of assessments along with the regular students of the respective Academic Program. 

With the successful completion of equivalent of 3 full courses, you will be awarded the “Evolving Learners” certificate.


Interested for the Evolving Learners certification? Proceed with your application now!




Participants of the Evolving Learners certificate program will receive an up to 30% discount relative to the current price per credit per Academic Program.

*Disclaimer: Discounts do not apply for the courses of the Executive MBA program

Start dates

Alumni interested in courses offered in period January-February need to apply by January 12th.

For courses offered in period March-April the deadline is March 10.

For courses offered in period May- June the deadline is May 10.


Additional information 

The completion of the Evolving Learners certificate requirements should be made within 2 years. 

You are allowed to participate in the Evolving Learners scheme more than once and are eligible to continue your studies towards acquiring a degree (other than that already held) and receive an exemption for the courses taken up to 2 years prior to the enrolment in a new Academic Program.

For the MBA Programs, the requirement of 3 years’ minimum working experience applies.


Executive Education Workshop: Science Fiction as Digital Strategy

The pace of technological evolution sometimes makes reality feel more like fiction and vice versa. While the conventional tools of strategy are helpful in prioritizing actions for the short term, they are insufficient for understanding where we are headed, given the medium and long-term effects of technological change. In this workshop, we will practice SciFi Prototyping, a story-making technique, to explore emerging and fast-changing technologies and draw the consequences for present-day strategy-making.

Academic programs' courses


PERIOD May-June 2023

  • Advanced Corporate Finance
  • Advanced Equity Analysis & Portfolio Management
  • Antitrust Law
  • Assessing Behaviors in the Workplace Workshop
  • Big Data Analytics
  • Business Analytics
  • Capabilities-based Strategy
  • Corporate Finance 
  • Corporate Risk Management
  • Digital Business Strategies
  • Diversity Management Workshop
  • Emotional Intelligence
  • Entrepreneurial Flexibility
  • Entrepreneurship in Tourism
  • Human Resources Management
  • In Search of Phronesis
  • Investments
  • Labor Relations & the Legal Aspects of HRM
  • Legal aspects of International Finance
  • Liner Shipping & Ports
  • Management Accounting
  • Managing and Leading People
  • Maritime Accounting Workshop
  • Marketing Engineering
  • Negotiations
  • Personal Selling
  • Preparing the Business Plan
  • Professional Selling
  • Ship Chartering & Charter Party Analysis
  • Strategic Information Management
  • Strategic Management for Shipping Services
  • Strategy in Tourism
  • Sustainability
  • Sustainability in Tourism
  • Training Development and Performance Management

PERIOD September-December 2023

  • Business Communication Skills
  • Business Economics
  • Business Statistics
  • Business Writing Workshop
  • Consumer Behavior
  • Economics for Global and Digital Markets
  • Environmental Social Governance & Ethics
  • Financial Accounting
  • Financial Fundamentals Workshop
  • Leading & Managing Change
  • Maritime Economics
  • New Venture Project
  • Presentation Skills Workshop
  • Quantitative Methods and Analytics
  • Quantitative Methods for Business
  • Quantitative Tools in Finance
  • Realities of Entrepreneurship
  • Security Analysis
  • Ship Technology
  • Strategic Performance Management: Rewards Management
  • Sustainability in Business Ethics
  • Taxation Law
  • Workshop in Stata

Want to know more?

For more information click below and fill in the form or contact directly Ms. Lila Efstathiadi, Director, Academic Programs, via email: [email protected] and/or tel.: 210 8964531 ext. 2283


Join the Evolving Learners’ cycle at Alba, polish your leader’s skills and thrive in the age of disruption!
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