ACG Strategic Plan

ACG 150 | Advancing the Legacy, Growing Greece

A plan to leverage education for economic and social impact


MISSION | To add distinctive and sustainable value to our students, Greece, american education, Hellenic heritage, and the global community through transformative teaching, scholarship and service

VISION | To develop the american University of Greece (when the constitution allows) as Greece’s premier, independent, non-profit university 

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2019 Annual Report

"As the material contained in the following pages of this Annual Report makes clear, 2019 was another year of progress for The American College of Greece. Each of the College’s three divisions – Pierce, Deree, Alba – participated in and contributed to this progress. 
As we look to 2020, the College’s strategic plan, ACG 150 | Advancing the Legacy, Growing Greece, will continue to be our guiding light with its dual, complementary emphases on institutional and national development."  President David G. Horner

You can download the 2019 ACG Annual Report here

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