Information Sessions

Upcoming Event

30 Minutes to Success:

Personal 30-minute meetings from 6/6 till 9/6 via Zoom!




Join this virtual event to share your queries and concerns and get valuable insights about how to materialize your vision of success at Alba!

Success doesn’t take long to happen.

30 minutes are enough.

  • To discover Alba’s portfolio of futureproof and society-relevant programs.
  • To find out about Alba’s funding schemes and discuss your options.
  • To be updated about the School’s long-standing ties with the job market.
  • To plan your steps to personal success with an Alba representative.
  • To learn about what makes the Alba experience...the Alba experience.

30 minutes are enough. To make up your mind about what you want your future to look like!

Register now and make every minute count towards your success!

Let's meet

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