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For once again, Eduniversal has published its new 2022 ranking of the Best Masters & MBA programs. The rankings include 55 specializations, covering 154 different countries within 9 geographic zones. More than 22,000 postgraduate programs from 1800 universities and schools across the world were proposed and evaluated and 5600 programs were ranked.

Many of our programs appear in a prominent position within their category.

We are though especially proud for:


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On April 2021, Eduniversal published its new 2021 ranking of the Best Masters & MBA programs. The rankings include 50 specializations, covering 136 different countries within 9 geographic zones. More than 22,000 postgraduate programs from1800 universities and schools across the world were proposed and evaluated and 5416 programs were ranked.

Many of our programs appear in a prominent position within their category. We are though especially proud for :

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Alba is proud to be recognized by AACSB International(AACSB)—the world’s largest business education network—among 21 business school collaborations as highlights of its 2019 Innovations That Inspire challenge, for its Recruitment Confidence Index. Τhis is the second time that Alba is receiving a distinction in this competition, proving that it is one of the few select institutions around the world who serve as champions of change in the business education landscape.

For 2019, the Innovations That Inspire challenge’s focus emphasized the co-creation of knowledge — one of five opportunities identified in AACSB’s Collective Vision for Business Education. With research and thought leadership as a foundation, the highlighted institutions are engaging in a wide range of collaborative partnerships to support new curriculum, establish new products or services, and impact industry and government policy.

“Business schools that engage across disciplines and with industry, inside and outside the traditional bounds of business and management, exemplify AACSB’s vision for the future of business education,” said Mr. Thomas R. Robinson, president and CEO of AACSB. “We are honored to recognize Alba as they lead by example — emphasizing their own areas of expertise and embracing collaborative approaches — all while addressing critical issues to drive social change.”

Based on an annual survey of HR executives, the Recruitment Confidence Index (RCI) measures anticipated changes in attracting and recruiting personnel and provides a think tank for HR executives in Greece.

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On JUNE, 28th 2018, Eduniversal published the 2018 ranking of the best Masters & MBAs programs.  This year, more than 25 000 programs have been analyzed and among which 5000 programs are ranked in the best Masters&MBAs across a range of institutions in 154 countries

Many of our programs appear in a prominent position within their category. We are though especially proud for :

  • The MSc in Tourism Management, ranked N°36 in Tourism Management, Worldwide (TOP 80 - Global ranking)
  • MSc in Shipping Management, ranked N°23in Maritime Management, Worldwide (TOP 50 - Global ranking)



AACSB recognizes ALBA for Driving Innovation in Business Education Worldwide

The AACSB International recognizes the innovative activity of ALBA Graduate Business School to support 65 Greek companies with the active involvement of graduate students.

On Monday February 6th, at its 2017 Deans Conference, AACSB International (AACSB), the world’s largest global education network, unveiled 35 innovations that represent critical work being done by business schools to better their communities and society at large.

ALBA Graduate Business School was recognized for their submission «Student Consulting Projects for Struggling Businesses” in the category “Engagement with Business” .

The overarching concept of this innovation is to match new, small and medium businesses that have specific needs to a group of students that will undertake a professional consultancy project. Via this project, ALBA Graduate Business School actively supports vulnerable Greek businesses, helps them overcome challenges created by the financial crisis, and identifies alternatives for growth—all through student consulting projects in which ALBA students are taught how to become agents of change.



ALBA has been placed among the top 250 business school globally

ALBA Graduate Business School at The American College of Greece (ALBA) has been placed among the top 250 business school universally, according to the 2017 QS Global 250 Business Schools Report. 
Specifically, ALBA, placed amid the top 100 institutions in the list, has been classified as a “Superior Business School for Research and Employability”, midst the top institutions from 36 countries that offer Full Time MBA’s

The new ranking by QS, builds on two main pillars. The first is Academic Excellence and Reputation of the institution within in the academic community, as reflected by the responses of 76,798 academics (of whom 8,376 are experts in the fields of business and management). The second is the Employability of students / graduates and results are based on a survey among 12,125 employers – the largest MBA employer survey ever conducted.

ALBA’s prominent position demonstrates the strong stature and relevance of The ALBA MBA program internationally. 

The report also includes interesting demographics describing full time MBAs, such as the men to women ratio. ALBA ranks 11th on this important social equality criterion (53%) thus actively contributing to efforts targeting at closing the gender gap.

Comprehensive results and the survey methodology may be found in the QS Global 250 Business Schools report at



Eduniversal published its Ranking for the 4000 Best Masters and MBAs in 32 fields of study worldwide.Many of our programs appear in a prominent position within their category.More specifically:

MSc in Strategic Human Resources Management
Ranked N°25 in Human Resources Management, Western Europe (TOP 200 - Regional ranking within the 9 geographical zones)

Ranked N°28 in MBA full time, Western Europe (TOP 200 - Regional ranking within the 9 geographical zone)

MSc in Tourism Management
Ranked N°39 in Tourism and Event Management, Worldwide (TOP 100 - Global ranking)

MSc in International Business and Management
Ranked N°42 in International Management, Western Europe(TOP 200 - Regional ranking within the 9 geographical zones)

MSc in Marketing
Ranked N°44 in Marketing, Western Europe (TOP 200 - Regional ranking within the 9 geographical zones)

MSc in Business for Lawyers
Ranked N°48 in Business and Commercial Law, Western Europe (TOP 200 - Regional ranking within the 9 geographical zones) 



AMBA’s MBA Innovation Award winner for  2015

ALBA Graduate Business School won the AMBA’s MBA Innovation Award 2015 in a grand ceremony at the Langham Hotel in London on Friday 29th January !

The Association of MBAs (AMBA), an international authority on graduate business education, whose 200 member business schools form the elite 3% of the business schools in the world, has acknowledged the uniqueness and impact of our innovation “Creative Expression in Business”  in The ALBA MBA.



This innovation draws from diverse artistic traditions to promote students’ immersive expression of business challenges such as teamwork, improvisation, learning, leadership, or creativity. Our effort is one of the boldest to embrace so broadly this new business logic and deploy an active, personal, expressive pedagogy. Our intention is to facilitate MBA students’ transformative journey to grow as leaders who can navigate through the increasing ambiguity, paradox and change of the modern world.

The award embodies and celebrates the ALBA spirit of "business unusual" by acknowledging two major novelties in our MBA: Creativity & Innovation (a core course featuring production of videos artfully narrating stories of creativity) and Managements Acts: A Theatrical Integration (a capstone course as an integrative MBA experience through acting, directing and production management).  

Courses are pioneering work of Dr.Olga Epitropaki (The Stavros Costopoulos Chair in Human Resource Management and Development) for Management Acts in collaboration with Katerina Nikolopoulou and Ana Sanchez-Colberg (Faculty at the Frances Rich School of Fine & Performing Arts of Deree) and Dr. Babis Mainemelis (Associate Professor of Organizational  Behavior) for Creativity & Innovation.




International Recognition of the ALBA Executive Development’s Program to the HR Summit and Expo 2015 at Dubai



We are delighted to share with you the international recognition of ALBA and its Executive Development Department that received the second prize in the 2015 HR Excellence Award during the HR Summit and Expo 2015, in Dubai, the most prestigious and largest HR conference in the Middle East. The award was presented to ALBA for the Executive Development Program (EDP) it offers to Novo Nordisk executives that arrive in Dubai to attend the Program from Africa, the Middle East and India. This particular award recognizes various virtues of the Program: the Program’s relevance and alignment to Novo Nordisk’s talent development strategy, the innovative elements in the Program curriculum, the Program’s overall impact on its participants professional development, the dissemination of current and relevant managerial knowledge, and Novo Nordisk’s trust on ALBA to continuously deliver this Program from 2004 onwards, are few of the Program’s elements that are recognized with the award. 

Novo Nordisk regional Headquarters in Dubai overlook its affiliates in a wide range of countries in Africa, the Middle East and Asia with employees representing a richness of cultural and ethnic diversity. Facing a very diverse and quite specialized employee base, Novo Nordisk set a strategic priority to help its employees quickly and in a consistent and systematic way develop broader managerial capabilities, and business insights and acumen, and thus “transform” them from “specialists to generalists”. Thus, in 2004 the company established a long lasting partnership with ALBA and invited the School to design and deliver an EDP for its region affiliates’ middle and senior managers.

 The Program so far has completed five cycles with a total of 110 graduates. Several of its graduates have advanced their career within the company resuming very senior positions (Country G.M., functional Directors, etc.).


Europe-TopMBA Global 200 Business Schools Ranking

ALBA Graduate Business School at The American College of Greece is listed 52nd in the Europe-TopMBA Global 200 Business Schools Report for 2014/2015. 

ALBA has moved up from place 56 ( report 2013/2014)  to 52.Our position in the ranking is of extreme importance since this specific survey tracks the opinion of international employers and measures only one indicator – the employability outcome of an MBA program by region.

The objective of the QS Global 200 Business Schools Report is to provide an indication of the employability of an MBA upon graduation. Unlike traditional business school rankings, which measure programs on multiple criteria, QS for many years published a rating that provides a reliable measure of one thing only: the employability of MBA graduates

For the 2014/15 report, QS has adopted a new methodology.The employability measure, based on our global survey of MBA employers, will now count for 85% of the final ranking. A second measure – academic reputation – based on a global faculty survey, will contribute 15% to the final ranking.

 Read more about the methodology here. Download full report here.


 Study Portals Award for Outstanding International Student Satisfaction

ALBA won the Study Portals Award for Outstanding International Student Satisfaction 2014!

International students rated their study experience at ALBA with a score of at least 9.5 out of 10.

This result is based on the analysis of thousands of student reviews on - one of the world’s largest database of international student experiences.

ALBA's students testimonials included:

"ALBA's approach in encouraging cultural diversity in the school is quite impressive as this engender tacit knowledge to be passed across cultures among the students of ALBA. This is very useful especially in this generation of upwardly mobile globally oriented knowledge workers who are expected to work without borders. Overall, my experience in ALBA was exciting as it was insightful in helping me to discover my real-self in relation to my best-self. Thank you" Michael Fashina, MBA 2013 alumnus

"I was here on an exchange term. To begin with- excellent and world-class faculty which facilitates the best learning experience possible. A lot of guest lectures by industry representatives were held, which focused on the practical application of all that is taught. The non-teaching staff is really really really cooperative and ready to help you in any situation!" Mona Rathour, Exchange Student, 2014

"I learnt a lot during my stint at ALBA. The faculty members are extremely proficient and made the sessions more than just a classroom lecture. The assignments given made us understand the intricacies of the problems by getting our hands dirty. Overall, a big thumbs up from me." Sanju Srinivaas Suresh, Exchange Student 2014

Unlike other university rankings, StudyPortals’ International Student Satisfaction awards are based on thousands of reviews and opinions from international students in Europe.For more information : Visit the Awards pages. You may find Greece in the "Other Countries Category". Also visit the Student Experience Exchange platform

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