Alba - SEV Learning Alliance

Alba Graduate Business School, The American College of Greece and SEV (the Hellenic Federation of Enterprises) joint forces in order to empower SEV business community with cutting-edge knowledge and contemporary skills and competencies

This joint learning initiative includes a portfolio of actions for the next three years, aimed at empowering human capital across seniority levels, functions and industries. The actions are designed exclusively for SEV’s corporate members and address the following areas:

  • Hosting at Alba, SEV’s senior leaders as guest-speakers in various academic courses, in order to create a context through which the business community will share experiences and transfer corporate knowledge to students
  • Scholarship for Master's and MBA Programs sponsored by SEV
  • Executive training seminars and programs, designed and delivered by Alba and sponsored by SEV, exclusively for SEV corporate members
  • The Center of Excellence in Creative Leadership, sponsored by SEV and operated by Alba and aiming to disseminate creative leadership competencies to the Greek business community.



Guest speakers from the SEV community will join Alba academic courses. Senior executives will have the opportunity to share their stories and experience with Alba students with a view to enriching the student experience by imparting knowledge and practical wisdom.

Graduate Business Scholarships

SEV will sponsor 50% of tuition fees and offer its corporate members the opportunity to support the professional development of their junior executives, through their enrolment at Alba graduate programs. 

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Executive Development Programs

Executive Development offerings include executive seminars, sessions as well as learning conferences and other events that are sponsored by SEV and delivered for SEV members. The programs address the needs of executives across seniority levels, functions and industries, with a focus on middle-level executives wishing to develop themselves. The learning curricula unfold on an annual basis and are selected in order to empower participants, improve their ability to deal with current business challenges and to pair academic knowledge with organizational experience. Participation costs are covered by SEV, while participating companies cover a small registration fee that will be donated to various charities.

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Fostering Creative Leadership

The establishment and operation of the SEV’s Center of Excellence in Creative Leadership aspires to expand SEV and Alba’s contribution to the business community by inspiring and empowering visionary leaders, with the competencies to effectively lead innovative and extrovert organizations. The Center’s initiatives are addressed to senior executives and leaders and include academic and applied research in creativity and leadership, sessions on new business challenges and an annual conference on current practices and trends in creative leadership, in national and global contexts.

Learn more about the SEV Center of Excellence in Creative Leadership

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