A new initiative, launched by Alba Executive Development, that aspires to serve as a hub for exploration, study, discussion, reflection and diffusion of insights on employability and the ways that it is interconnected with the Future of Organizations, the Future of Work and the Future of Learning.

The initiative aims to proceed a step further and to facilitate discussion to the issue of co-creation of values and a servant mindset: The mindset, that mobilize us not only to develop, sustain and renew our employability, but also to serve our organizations, the business community and the Community at large.


Technological innovation, globalization of economic activity and the interconnectedness of the world through the internet propagate and magnify the effects of changes across economies and communities; changes in the way we communicate, socialize, travel, work, the ways we relate to each other, the ways we learn.   Business models become suddenly obsolete and new ones arise in replacing them. Organizations go through major transformations requiring new skills and competences from its employees. In such a disruptive and non-linear world we need to comprehend complex and unknown social patterns fast and effectively.  We need the skills and competencies that allow us to learn something in one situation and apply it in a different one; to gather patterns from one context and use them in another so that we can make sense out of something we have never seen or done before.

In such a world where the normality is always a “new normal”, the Learnability and Employability initiative, serves the community by facilitating the interaction of stakeholders in developing insights on the transformation of organizations, the future of work, and by designing and offering learning initiatives on how we adopt the relevant values, mindsets and competencies so to adapt successfully in the ever evolving new normal”.   

Kostas Axarloglou, PhD


Marina Gryllaki, Director of Executive Development, Alba Graduate Business School, The American College of Greece

Aristotelis Alexopoulos, Director of Applied Research, Alba Graduate Business School, The American College of Greece

Effie Zachara, Director of Career and Alumni Office, Alba Graduate Business School, The American College of Greece


Applied Research Spring –2022/2023: The pandemic and its impact, highlighted the discussion about the Future of Work, telework, new modes of work as well as about the skills we will all need in order to be competitive and employable in the future and the needs that the companies will have in terms of employee skills and competencies.

This new applied research of Alba Graduate Business School, The American College of Greece attempts to stimulate discussion and offer answers to the above questions.

The first part of this research, consists of a series of structured discussions – focus groups and we would like to invite you to participate in these discussions and contribute with your thoughts and opinion.

The focus groups are organized and hosted by the Applied Research & Innovation department (ARIP) of Alba Graduate Business School

Executive Learning Initiatives – 2023: sharing insights and disseminating cutting-edge knowledge on the horizontal competencies, mindset and values that will be shaping the future of learning and the future of work:

  • Learning conferences on Employability and Serviceability
  • ‘Biography’ and network learning series
  • ‘Employability and Learnability’ Clubs
  • Masterclasses and Learning documentaries on Employability skills and the Future of Work

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