Core Faculty

Christos Koritos

Associate Dean of Academic Programs, Academic Director of the MSc in Marketing Associate Professor of Marketing B.Sc., Athens University of Economics & Business; M.Sc., Strirling University; Ph.D., Athens University of Economics & Business

Dr. Koritos has teaching and research interests in the areas of Consumer Psychology, Marketing of Services, Advertising, Corporate Social Responsibility, and Strategic Management. His research focuses on consumer adoption of innovative distribution channels, consumer perceptions of quality in well known versus private label brands, rhetoric in advertising, and attitude formation and change. His research appears, among others, in the Journal of Product Innovation Management, Journal of Business Research, European Journal of Marketing, International Journal of Bank Marketing, Advances in Advertising Research, as well as in proceeding of peer-reviewed international conferences. Dr. Koritos has previously taught the subject of marketing at The American College of Greece, Athens University of Economics & Business, Cyprus International Institute of Management, Greek Open University and Hellenic Management Association. He is an active member of scientific associations and reviewer for academic journals and conferences in the field of Marketing. Dr. Koritos has undertaken consulting work for more than 20 Greek and multinational companies while he has participated in projects funded by the European Union.

Contact Details

TEL.: (+30) 210-896 4531-8 Fax : (+30) 210-896 4737 E mail : [email protected] More information here


Trompeta, M., Karantinou, K., Koritos, C. & Bijmolt, T. (2022). A meta-analysis of the effects of music in tourism and hospitality settings. Journal of Business Research, 138, pp. 130-145.

Papastathopoulos, A., Koritos, C. & Mertzanis, C. (2021). Effects of faith-based attributes on hotel prices. International Journal of Contemporary Hospitality Management, 33:8, 2839-2861.

Boukis, A., Koritos, C., Daunt, K. and Papastathopoulos, A. (2020). Effects of customer incivility on frontline employees and the moderating role of supervisor leadership style. Tourism Management, 77

Kaminakis, K., Karantinou, K., Koritos, C., & Gounaris, S. (2019). Hospitality servicescape effects on customer-employee interactions: A multilevel study. Tourism Management, 72, 130-144.

Vlachos PA., Krepapa, A., Koritos, C., Tasoulis, K. & Theodorakis, IG. (2016). Containing Cause-Related Marketing Skepticism: A Comparison across Donation Frames. Corporate Reputation Review, 19, 1: 4-21.

Theodorakis, I.G., Koritos, C. & Stathakopoulos, V. (2015). Rhetorical Manuveurs in a Contoversial Tide: Assessing the Boundaries of Advertising Rhetoric’s Effectiveness. Journal of Advertising, 44, 1: 14-24.

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