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Alba and SEV, join forces with a new learning initiative that aims to add value to the business community and to empower human capital in Greece with cutting -edge knowledge and contemporary competencies in order to effectively lead themselves,  their teams and their organizations through contemporary challenges, towards growth.

Through a series of executive seminars, sponsored by SEV and addressed exclusively to SEV corporate members, participants will have the opportunity to attend learning sessions that address contemporary trends, priorities and challenges and that blend academic excellence with business relevance.

The learning initiatives are designed for executives across seniority levels, functions and industry sectors, with a special focus on the learning needs and aspirations of middle level executives that wish to address their management challenges and leadership transitions in the era of disruption.

In a context of collaborative learning, participants will have the opportunity to share perspectives and experiences and to become part of a dynamic learning network.


For the 1st - 2nd quarter of 2021 the below seminars took place :

  • CSR & ESG: Corporate Stakeholder Responsibility & Sustainability
  • Women in Leadership
  • SME Leadership Program
  • Data Science for Decision Making and Risk Management
  • Leading Successful M&As Program
  • Recent Trends in Investing
  • Leader as Coach

For the year 2021 the below seminars took place :

  • Sales Effectiveness Program: Managing and Developing Sales Teams
  • Goal Setting and Performance Management
  • Negotiations
  • Management in the Digital Era
  • Agile and Scrum
  • Design Thinking
  • Understanding business analytics
  • Manager as a Coach
  • Women in Leadership
  • Managing Team Dynamics
  • Performance Management

During 2020 the below seminars took place :

  • Human Resources Management
  • Negotiations
  • Strategic Management of Learning & Development
  • Sales Effectiveness Program: Managing and Developing Sales Teams
  • Mastering Negotiations
  • Women in Mentoring
  • Managing Team Dynamics
  • SME owners and leaders that manage their Organizations and their teams
  • Manager as Coach Seminar
  • Sales Effectiveness Program, Managing and Developing Teams
  • Women in Leadership
  • Advanced Negotiations
  • Positivity & Resilience in Organizations
  • Human Resource Management

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For the year 2019 the below seminars took place:

  • Strategic Management of Learning & Development
  • Sales Effectiveness Program, Managing and Developing Teams
  • Customer Journey & Corporate Transformation: Digital Selling
  • Negotiations
  • Positivity & Resilience in Organizations
  • Human Resources Management
  • Digital Transformation Strategies |Website & E-shop Management
  • Building a culture of Trust in the Workplace
  • Women in Leadership Program

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  • Leader as a Coach | Delivered by Ms Nora Gikopoulou
  • LeadingTeam Dynamics | Delivered by Ms Aleka Skoura and Ms Polyna Roussou
  • Management in the Digital Era Delivered by Dr. Nikos Mylonopoulos
  • Conflict Management & Mediation Management at Work Delivered by Dr. Elena Koltsaki
  • Goal Setting & Performance Management Delivered by Ms Aleka Skoura and Ms Elfie Labrouli
  • Data Science for Decision Making and Risk Management | Delivered by Kostis Christodoulou
  • Agile and Scrum Delivered by Dr. Nikos Mylonopoulos
  • Design Thinking | Delivered by Dr. Nikos Mylonopoulos
  • Understanding Business Analytics and their Impact in Management  | Delivered by Dr. Nikos Mylonopoulos
  • Sales Effectiveness Program: Managing and Developing Sales Teams | Delivered by Ms Aleka Skoura and Ms Elfie Labrouli
  • Performance Management | Delivered by Ms Aleka Skoura and Ms Elfie Labrouli
  • Human Resourses Managment | Delivered by Dr. Eleni Lamprou
  • Sales Effectiveness Program, Managing and Developing Teams| Delivered by Ms Aleka Skoura and Ms Elfie Labrouli
  • Strategic Management of Learning & Development | Contributors Dr. Kostas Axarloglou, Dr. Kyriakos Kyriakopoulos, Dr. Babis MainemelisDr. Eleni Lamprou, Ms Aleka Skoura and Ms Elfie LamprouliAdditional “learning injections” with Ms C. Mathiopoulou & Ms N. Gikopoulou
  • Manager as Coach Seminar | Delivered by Ms Nora Gikopoulou
  • Positivity & Resilience in Organizations| Delivered by Dr. Anastasios Stalikas
  • Customer Journey & Corporate Transformation: Digital Selling| Delivered by Mr. George Anagnostopoulos, Mr. Manos Valasis and Mr. Tasos Veliadis
  • Digital Transformation Strategies |Website & E-shop Management | Delivered by Mr. George Egglezos
  • Building a culture of Trust in the Workplace |  Delivered by Mr. Zoe Kourounakou
  • Leading through Disruption Conference| Contributors Dr. Kostas Axarloglou, Dr. Nikos Mylonopoulos, Dr. Babis MainemelisDr. Anastasios Stalikas
  • Women in Leadership Training Modules | Delivered by Ms Aleka Skoura
  • Negotiations Delivered by Dr. Elena Koltsaki


Course Faculty
Founder / President , Socialab view more
Professor of International Business and Strategy view more
General Manager & Lead Software Engineer, interTEN view more
Head of People Development, Agile Actors view more
Elena Koltsaki Academic Director of the MSc in Business for Lawyers
Affiliate Professor | Lawyer-Mediator view more
Director International Relations view more
Kyriakos Kyriakopoulos Academic Director of Executive MBA, Academic Director of Alba - Eurobank MBA in Financial Services
Professor of Strategy and Marketing view more
HR Specialist and Senior Trainer view more
Professor of Organizational Behavior view more
Nikos Mylonopoulos Director of The SEV Center of Excellence in Creative Leadership
Associate Professor of Digital Business view more
Business Consultant & Executive Trainer, a practicing Psychotherapist and Executive Coach. view more
HR Consultant, Training & Development Strategist view more
Professor of Psychology, Panteion University of Social & Political Sciences view more
General Manager , Socialab view more
Strategist / Partner , Socialab view more


We would be pleased to address any enquiry you might have and to assist you in any way we can.


Marianthi Karaiosifoglou

Tel.: +30 210 89.64.531(ext. 2213)

E-mail: [email protected]


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Seminar fees are sponsored by SEV.   

Registration fee of 50 euro to be covered by participating executives/ companies,  as a donation to the NGO Εστία Κοριτσιού Φιλοθέη η Αθηναία. Find more information and bank tranfer details here

Participation in the seminar is activated on a first come-first served bases, by sending the deposit slip to the Executive Development, Mrs M. Karaisofoglou, [email protected]. Ιn the payment details, please indicate full name, company name and seminar title.

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