Core Faculty

Nikos Mylonopoulos

Director of The SEV Center of Excellence in Creative Leadership Professor of Digital Business B.Sc., Athens University of Economics & Business; Ph.D., Warwick Business School, University of Warwick

Dr. Nikos Mylonopoulos is a Professor of Digital Business at ALBA Graduate Business School, The American College of Greece and Director of the SEV Center of Excellence in Creative Leadership. He has teaching and research interests in the areas of Digital Business, Digital Transformation, Enterprise Systems, and Mobile Services. He has taught at Warwick Business School, Sheffield University Management School, Loughborough University Business School, Birkbeck College (University of London), Kedge Business School, and the Athens University of Economics and Business. He delivers Executive Education seminars to senior leaders of global companies in banking, pharma, industrials, IT, and others. His teaching makes use of computer-based business simulations (by INSEAD/CALT, Harvard Business School, and the ERPSim Lab at HEC Montreal). His research has been published in international refereed journals and conferences, including Management Science, International Journal of Electronic Commerce, Computers and Human Behavior, Communications of the ACM. During the 2009-2014 Greek crisis, he led a successful turnaround as Associate Dean of Academic Programs and MBA Academic Director. He has also served as Associate Dean of Innovation and Technology, Academic Director of Applied Research and International Projects, and Academic Director of IT. He is a member of the Association of Information Systems. As a Board Member of HEPIS (Hellenic Society of Informatics Professionals) he was the lead author of the reference study on employability and digital skills in Greece.

Contact Details

TEL.: (+30) 210-896 4531-8 Fax : (+30) 210-896 4737 E mail : [email protected]


Mylonopoulos, N. and Theoharakis, V. (2023). Passion for an activity and its role on affect: Does personality and the type of activity matter? Front. Psychol. 13:1047257. doi: 10.3389/fpsyg.2022.1047257

Avramidis, P., Mylonopoulos, N. & Pennacchi, G. G. (2022). The role of marketplace lending in credit markets: Evidence from bank mergers. Management Science, 68(4), 3090-3111.

Mylonopoulos, N. & Theoharakis, V. (2021). Are you keeping your Facebook passions and habit under control? A dual-system perspective on Facebook addiction-like symptoms. International Journal of Electronic Commerce, 25(2), 181-203.

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