Teaching Fellows

Aleka Skoura

HR Consultant, Training & Development Strategist

Aleka Skoura is a HR consultant and a training & development strategist. She is a New York University graduate with a professional experience of more than 25 years in the field of training and development. She possesses knowledge and expertise in the areas of training, skills development, coaching, performance management and she has trained over 9,000 executives. Aleka was the Head of Training, Development & Performance Management Division for the Eurobank Group until June 2014. She was responsible for the design of the Group’s Training and Performance Management Strategy and Policies as well as for the development of a learning environment which is aligned with the business strategy and which provides adequate, up-to-date and effective training to all employees. During the last years, Aleka designed, developed and orchestrated a full range of training and development programs across sectors, functions and levels of seniority within Eurobank, in subjects such as: Leadership, Coaching, Performance Management, Communication, Resilience, Sales, Customer Service, etc. When it comes to designing and launching training initiatives, her goal is the implementation of “best practices” so that the training function can contribute effectively in the enrichment of knowledge, abilities and skills and therefore in the increase of performance. Aleka firmly believes that training can significantly affect performance, not only by improving knowledge, abilities and skills but also by influencing other “intangibles” such as moral, employee engagement, and work satisfaction.

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