Alba-Hellenic Institute of Customer Service: Core Learning Series

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Start Date: 2022-2023


 The Hellenic Institute of Customer Service and Alba Graduate Business School, have established an evolving learning partnership, to educate the executives of the customer service function  through a series of programs that address the development needs of learners, across seniority levels and industry sectors. The curricula blend academic excellence with business relevance,  while they focus on cutting – edge concepts, skills and applied knowledge within a collaborative, network learning context.

Currently, the  core series comprises of three programs:
1. Developing Customer Service Excellence
2. Managing Values and Competencies for Customer Service Excellence
3. Mastering Excellence : Leading Customer Service Teams

Learners may select to participate in each module independently or to attend all three modules. Upon successful completion of the three programs, participants receive the Executive Diploma in Customer Service Management.

 In Fall 2022, the learning portfolio has been enriched with the ‘Customer Service for Leaders Program’, designed exclusively for senior Customer Service Leaders.

‘The Hellenic Institute of Customer Service (HICS) member companies represent a very wide range of the greeκ economic and commercial market spectrum. And this automatically makes the Institution able to listen to what the markets needs are as regards the crucial Customer Service sector. What the markets want is the availability of qualified personnel that has mastered all the aspects of Customer Service and can thus promptly respond to cover the client’s/consumer’s needs successfully. Irrespective of departmental positioning, company sector or size. HICS’s response has been dynamic, to-the-point and qualitative. The creation, with the ALBA Graduate Business School, of a 3 high level and content – interactive - educational program which covers holistically the aspects of Customer Service and which lead to an Executive Diploma in Customer Service Management is responding – and successfully covering –  vital company needs.
Both organizations’ joint activity has a wider impact in the end: the strengthening of the country’s commercial and economic sectors as a whole.’

Frank Thibaut, President of BoD, Hellenic Institute of Customer Service (HICS)




Course Faculty
Professor of International Business and Strategy view more
Psychologist, Researcher, Trainer & Psychotherapist view more
Elena Koltsaki Academic Director of the MSc in Business for Lawyers
Affiliate Professor | Lawyer-Mediator view more
Kyriakos Kyriakopoulos Academic Director of Executive MBA, Academic Director of Alba - Eurobank MBA in Financial Services
Professor of Strategy and Marketing view more
HR Specialist and Senior Trainer view more
Nikos Mylonopoulos Director of The SEV Center of Excellence in Creative Leadership
Professor of Digital Business view more
Business Consultant & Executive Trainer, a practicing Psychotherapist and Executive Coach. view more
HR Consultant, Training & Development Strategist view more


To request more information please contact 

Mrs. Maria Karadeli

Training Coordinator & P.R., Hellenic Institute of Customer Service

Tel: +30 210 6686370

email: [email protected]r


To get in touch with ALBA Executive Department please use the below information

Mrs. Maria Pappa

Tel.: +30 210 89.64.531-8

Fax: +30 210 89.63.302

e-mail: [email protected]

We would be pleased to address any enquiry you might have and to assist you in any way we can.

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