Managing Values & Competencies for Customer Service Excellence

Building customer centric organizations
Duration: 32 Hours (5 days)
Start Date: June 6, 2024
Participation Dates: June 6-7-13-14-19
Fees: €950 (ΗICS members: €550)


This program aspires to offer senior executives, theoretical and applied knowledge that will assist them to understand issues related to organizational culture and connected with customer service strategies that reflect corporate values and culture.

The program also focuses on providing participants with coaching  tools that will assist them to empower their teams with the mindset to cope with current challenges.

The process utilizes team management techniques that are driven from contexts of psychology and from the systemic theoretical approach.


Learning Objectives:

  • Building a customer centric culture
  • Building positivity and a human centric culture
  • Understanding personal values and aligning personal values with organizational values
  • Developing factors and competencies for the creation and development of effective customer service teams









1st Session - Customer Culture & Values Game


Upon completion of this module, you'll be able to:

  • Explore the ways to implement and diffuse the values of their Organization.
  • Understand Leadership through examples and narratives
  • Create an action plan that will encourage members of their team to experience the essence of their corporate culture on a daily basis and in evet aspect pf their work.
  • Develop competencies for leadership efectiveness
  • Co create updated knowledge regarding the concept of organizational culture, to connect organizational culture with daily routines and to connect behaviors with shared values .


2nd Session - Positive Leadership & Positive Customer Service Capital

This module unfolds around the concepts of positivity, positive leadership and positive organizational culture and includes the following themes:

  • Introduction to Positive Psychology
  • Building Positivity
  • Positivity and Character Strengths
  • Positive Leadership
  • Developing Positive Competencies for the Digital Era


3rd Session - Positive Values in Action

During the last module, participants will have the opportunity to learn how to use coaching approaches and how to include coaching competencies and frameworks into our managerial roles,  in order to facilitate growth and empowerment of their teams, to share their knowledge and experience in order to maximize potential and to develop a positive organizational culture within their team. The session will heavily rely on scenarios and role plays that reflect real-life situations and challenges that managers currently face.

  • Coaching και performance management
  • Coaching και Understanding of Strategic Vision and Goals
  • Developing Coaching Skills: Impact, Power and Management of Change
  • Developing Coaching Values: Empathy, Understanding, Trust and disruption.


This program is addressed to:

- Customer Service Leaders that wish to lead their teams towards growth and success

- Customer Service Managers that aim to build a positive culture within their teams

- Customer Service Leaders and Managers that aspire to manage their teams by values


Course Faculty
Psychologist, Researcher, Trainer & Psychotherapist view more
HR Specialist and Senior Trainer view more
Business Consultant & Executive Trainer, a practicing Psychotherapist and Executive Coach. view more
HR Consultant, Training & Development Strategist view more


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