Alba – SOKEE Executive Program in Exhibition and Event Management

Duration: 3 months
Start Date: 12 April, 2024
Participation Dates: April 12 (afternoon) and April 13 & 20 & 27, May 18 & 25 and June 8 & 29 (10:00-16:00)
Application Deadline: April 3, 2024
Fees: The program is sponsored by SOKEE (Greek Exhibition Industry Association)



Τhe Executive Program in Exhibition Management, is an intensive learning program that aspires to offer participants the opportunity to develop skills, competencies and cutting edge knowledge on event and exhibition management, as well as the context to build powerful professional networks in the exhibition industry.


  • Featuring top speakers and thought leaders, providing participants with strategies, tactics, resources and solutions
  • Co-creating, expanding and connecting the exhibition management industry in Greece
  • Building employer branding for SOKEE corporate members
  • Social Responsibility: Supporting youth in Greece for employability and career development


The curriculum is co-designed by Alba Executive Development in collaboration with SOKEE. It is comprised by a core learning course led by Alba and a combination of courses led by SOKEE and taught by senior leaders of the SOKEE network.

The program will be delivered in Greek and in English. 


Session 1

Ecosystem Thinking

This  interactive session focuses on the management of widespread disruption of the economy. In such  a disruptive environment, business leaders have to manage situations that have not seen before. As such, past experience might not be that helpful. Business leaders need quickly to redesign the decision making process of the company and develop internal ecosystems of smaller agile and across functional teams and leverage “collective wisdom” of the team-members in terms of data collection, exploration of new patterns, collective decision-making and finally communication and implementation of the decisions.    

Session 2

Introduction to Commercial Exhibitions: Past, Present and Types
Explore the origins and evolution of commercial exhibitions, defining their essence and significance. Unravel the diverse categories and typology of these events, from trade shows to virtual showcases. Analyse promotional advantages of exhibitions, including networking, branding, market research and sales opportunities. Join us for a concise journey through the dynamic world of commercial exhibitions.

Global Dynamics of Commercial Exhibitions: Policies, Trends and International Organization

Examine the international landscape of the exhibition industry, including EU and Greek national policies. Uncover evolving trends and shifts shaping commercial exhibitions worldwide. Discuss the evolution of the industry and its impact on global business. Explore key international organizations driving standards and collaboration within the exhibition sector.


Session 3 


Marketing is the business function that deals with customers' unfulfilled needs and wants. The role of marketing management in organizations is to identify and measure these needs, determine which target consumers the business can serve, decide on the appropriate positioning of the products and services, and determine the optimal product/service features, price, promotions and distribution. Successful marketing strategies integrate the objectives and resources of the organization with the needs and opportunities of the marketplace better than competitors - that is, they create, deliver, and capture more customer value than their competitors.

Mastering Marketing in Commercial Exhibitions

Understand the philosophy of exhibition marketing, explore its strategic role and principles. Delve into the exhibition marketing mix, encompassing product, price, place, promotion and people. Uncover the power of exhibitions as a dynamic marketing tool, driving brand awareness, lead generation, and customer engagement. Join us for a concise journey into maximizing marketing impact within the exhibition realm.

Session 4

Strategic Job Searching and Effective Employment Discovery

Demystify the job search process from self-assessment to interview preparation. Delve into proven strategies to help you navigate the job market with confidence and purpose. Enhance your job search and increase your chances of landing the perfect opportunity. Build and leverage professional networks through platforms like LinkedIn. Stay informed about industry trends and job market changes.

The Exhibition Organiser

Εxplore the intricate process of organizing commercial exhibitions, from preparation to post-event stages. Unveil the meticulous planning involved in venue selection, exhibitor recruitment, and marketing strategies. Dive into the operational intricacies during the exhibition, focusing on logistics, attendee management, and on-site coordination. Reflect on the crucial post-exhibition phase, encompassing evaluation, feedback analysis, and strategic planning for future events.

Session 5

Maximizing Exhibitor Success: Strategic Goals in Exhibition Participation

Discover the exhibitor's perspective in exhibition participation, emphasizing strategic goals and market targeting. Explore effective exhibition marketing techniques tailored to achieve specific objectives. Uncover the symbiotic relationship between strategic goals and market dynamics, elucidating the significance of participation in commercial exhibitions for organizational growth and success.

Excelling in Exhibition Participation: A Strategic Roadmap

Explore the step-by-step process for successful exhibition participation, from initial planning to post-event evaluation. Topics include selecting the optimal exposure, meticulous participation planning covering budgeting, scheduling, and staff training, and strategic approaches to attract trade visitors and maximize publicity. Delve into the importance of effective public relations and communication during exhibitions, followed by essential techniques for follow-up, evaluation reporting, and results measurement, ensuring targeted confirmation of objectives.

Session 6 |Organised by HAPCO

Unveiling the Conference Meetings Industry: Unique Characteristics and Contrasts with Exhibitions

Explore the distinct characteristics and nuances of the conference industry, highlighting its differences from exhibitions. Delve into key aspects such as content delivery, attendee engagement, and networking opportunities. Gain insights into the strategic planning and execution required for successful conferences, distinguishing them as dynamic platforms for knowledge exchange and professional development.

Session 7

Exploring Exhibition Stand Building: Challenges and Employment Prospects

Delve into the world of exhibition stand builders, uncovering the unique challenges and abundant opportunities within the industry. Discuss the complexities of designing and constructing exhibition stands, including logistical hurdles and client expectations. Explore the diverse employment prospects in stand building, from skilled builder to project management, offering insight into this dynamic and rewarding field.

Unraveling Exhibition Dynamics: Size, Benchmarking, and Statistics

Explore the significance of exhibition sizes, benchmarking, and statistical analysis in the commercial exhibition realm. Discuss the varying dimensions of exhibitions and their implications on attendance, exhibitor satisfaction, and overall impact. Explore the benchmarking methodologies to assess industry performance and identify trends, accompanied by statistical insights to inform strategic decision-making within the exhibition landscape.

Session 8

Customer Centricity

Τhe session will focus on the development of contemporary knowledge, behaviors and competencies that are connected with customer service management
The course will offer:

  • An Understanding contemporary challenges and trends
  • The Development of a human centric and customer centric approach

Strategic Customer Service

This session will unfold around strategic customer service and customer centricity. Participants will have the opportunity to:

  • Learn what the power of customer centricity is; customer relations and powerful brand as a bridge between customer value and firm value
  • Create the customer learning capability: tools for understanding customer “pain” and “plug” it into your value proposition
  • Overcome the traps of customer centricity; how inertia, silos, and arrogance destroy customer value.
  • Make it happen: Align mission, processes, policies, and information systems to strategically address your customer, improvisation and “all that jazz”.

Download the curriculum here 



Τhe Program is addressed to:

  • Young university graduates in the fields of marketing, events, operations etc., who are interested in pursuing a career in exhibition and event management.
  • Entry-level and junior executives (ages 20 – 30) who are already employed in the field of exhibition management and wish to enhance their knowledge and skills for future career advancement and development. Five (5) years of experience in the exhibition industry is highly valued.
  • Newcomers to the exhibition industry who seek to gain additional knowledge and skills for career advancement in this industry.

Applicants should also be fluent in English language, as some lectures might be delivered in English.

The application process will be followed by a selection process in order to decide on the group of 35 participants who will join the program.

Selection criteria will focus on the motivation of the participants to engage in continuous learning, to add value to the rest of the team, to become part of a vibrant learning network, as well as the intention to develop their self–awareness and work towards their personal and professional growth, as the above are expressed in their application form. For this reason, we encourage applicants to share their challenges, goals and aspirations in the dedicated section of the application.


The courses are delivered by a group of Alba academics, as well as leaders of SOKEE corporate members.

Course Faculty
Professor of International Business and Strategy view more
Evangelia Baralou Academic Director of the MSc in Tourism Management
Senior Lecturer in Organisation Studies, Open University, UK view more
Kyriakos Kyriakopoulos Academic Director of Executive MBA, Academic Director of Alba - Eurobank MBA in Financial Services
Professor of Strategy and Marketing view more
Alexis Lagoudakis Member of SOKEE Board of Directors
Managing Director, ROTA S.A. view more
President HAPCO & DES, CEO AFEA Travel & Congress Services, Board Member of IAPCO view more
President & CEO, FORUM S.A. view more
General Manager, Posidonia Exhibitions S.A. view more
Executive Director, HEMEXPO view more
CEO of P.C.PODIMATAS S.A. & President of the Organising Committee of the Athens Flying Week view more
President & CEO, Vision Ltd view more
Managing Partner, Extrovert Business Communications view more
Theodoros Vokos President SOKEE
Managing Director, Posidonia Exhibitions S.A. view more


The application process will be followed by a selection process in order to decide on the group of 35 participants who will join the program.

Selection criteria will focus on the motivation of the participants to engage in continuous learning, to add value to the rest of the team, to become part of a vibrant learning network, as well as the intention to develop their self – awareness and work towards their personal and professional growth, as the above are expressed in their application form. For this reason, we encourage the applicants to share their challenges, goals aspirations in the dedicated section of the application.

Applications are now CLOSED


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