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Health and Safety practices for All ACG Faculty & Staff.

ACG continues to place the highest priority on the health, safety and wellbeing of the ACG Community. This section describes the Health and Safety practices that our college has developed in order to provide a safe working environment for ACG employees.

All ACG Faculty & Staff should adopt the following Hygiene practices to prevent COVID-19:

Self-Diagnostic testing

Self-diagnostic testing is mandatory for all ACG employees once a week, before coming to campus. ACG Faculty and Staff who have been fully vaccinated with the vaccine against Covid-19, are exempt from the obligation to take a Covid-19 Self-Test, once per week, as long as 14 days have passed from the second dose of the vaccine. In this case, ACG Faculty and Staff could present a copy of the Certificate of Vaccination to the Office of Human Resources (Ms. Niki Andreou, Office 309) in order to be exempt from any obligation to take the self-test.  In case of non-display of the vaccination certificate, ACG Faculty and Staff should undertake a diagnostic test (either self-test or a PCR test or a rapid test) and submit online the result on the platform by selecting the option “Statement of Self-Test Result for Employees” (Δήλωση αποτελέσματος self-test για εργαζομένους).

Self-tests are free of charge and can be collected from the pharmacy. The test results should be submitted to the platform

Practice social distancing

All employees returning to campus are required to practice social distancing. The Practice of social distancing includes:

  • Staying at least 1.5 m from others
  • Separate work stations by at least 1.5 m or using plexiglass for physical barriers (e.g., shields, curtains)
  • Avoiding large gatherings of employees (greater than 10 people) when feasible
  • Eliminating contact with others (e.g., hand-shaking, hugging)
  • Avoiding touching common surfaces
  • Ensuring frequent washing of hands
  • Encouraging employees to take the stairs and avoid elevators: As directed by public authorities, the use of elevators is limited to individuals who are unable to use the stairs (physically handicapped/health condition) and at 40% capacity or for the transportation of supplies that cannot be carried upstairs.
  • Staggering work schedules and lunch breaks. Disinfection of hands is strongly recommended before and after the lunch break. Also, all employees are strongly encouraged to plan their meetings remotely.
  • Limiting in-person meetings to fewer than 10 people and maintaining at least 1.5 m spacing in large spaces. Remote meetings should be planned.
  • Avoid taking same vehicle
  • Watch for posters and signage throughout campus advising to maintain a 1.5 m distance from others as per guidelines.

Use of face mask

A face mask is mandatory in all indoor and crowded outdoor spaces.

Hand Sanitizers

Frequent and proper hand washing with soap and water is the most effective method of removing viral particles. However, when that is not possible, alcohol-based hand sanitizer can be used. As such, hand sanitizer will be made available in every office and classroom.

Avoid sharing foods and drinks

All employees are encouraged to avoid sharing foods and drinks. Disinfection of any appliances before and after the use is strongly recommended.

Avoid sharing office supplies and equipment

All employees are encouraged to avoid sharing office supplies and equipment. Disinfection of shared equipment before and after the use is strongly recommended.

Avoid touching eyes, nose, or mouth with unwashed hands

Cover coughs and sneezes

Employees Screening, testing and isolation

  • All employees should monitor their health every day before reporting to work.
  • ACG Faculty and staff should stay home if sick or if a household member is diagnosed with COVID-19
  • Employees must be prepared to isolate or quarantine when necessary
  • All employees must self-monitor health for symptoms of COVID-19
  • If an employee develops symptoms, or is diagnosed with the COVID-19 virus, she/he should consult the physician and the occupational health doctor for instructions
  • If an employee develops symptoms, or is diagnosed with the COVID-19 virus, she/he should inform the supervisor to discuss alternative methods of work
  • If an employee has been exposed to the virus through a close contact who has symptoms or has been diagnosed, consult the physician and the occupational doctor for further steps
  • If an employee is at work and starts experiencing symptoms, she/he must leave immediately from the work, seeking medical help/advice if needed/required
  • Finally, if an employee has been diagnosed with the virus, the Human Resources department should be notified immediately, so that the College, as directed by EODY, can take appropriate steps to safe guard the colleagues and students with whom you may have come in close contact.

Positive COVID-19 test

If a test for COVID-19 is completed and the result is positive, the employee should be immediately isolated from the rest of the employees and follow the quarantine procedures outlined in the rules set forth by the College as recommended by The World Health Organization (WHO) and the Hellenic National Public Health Organization (EODY), including any travel restrictions.

The Human Resources department should:

  • Collect essential information from the individual for tracing purposes, such as visited areas, contacts, dates they were on campus, etc.
  • Contact the department’s representative
  • Notify the ACG Health & Wellness Center
  • Notify ACG facilities for additional cleaning
  • Notify exposed employees
  • Follow up for additional testing updates
  • Advanced cleaning methods to all visiting areas

Negative COVID-19 test

If a test for COVID-19 test is completed and the result is negative, the employee can return to work 24 hours after their symptoms are gone.

Travel to Work

Employees travel to work in various ways, including personal vehicles, campus buses and public transportation. Departments should encourage employees to

  • Maintain physical distancing recommendations of 1.5 m when traveling to work.
  • Where physical distancing is not possible or difficult to maintain, employees should be encouraged to wear face coverings
  • Take additional measures to protect themselves by frequent cleaning and disinfecting of surfaces in personal vehicles
  • Sanitize hands with personal hand sanitizer after exiting the vehicle.

Guidance for ACG Facilities

All ACG buildings, offices & facilities approved for reopening and occupancy are cleaned on a regular basis, too. ACG’s Safety Engineer has examined and recommended the appropriate social distances for all spaces on campus. For offices the distance of 1.5m between employees has been provided.  Use of Plexiglas in offices is optional. For classrooms the regulations in effect at the time of use is followed.

Everyone returning to campus has the responsibility and the power to keep ACG campus safe.  Health information signage is in the process of being updated across campus, and all departments obtain hand sanitizer and surface cleaning wipes through the normal office supply purchasing process. 

Building entries and exit

Hand sanitizer stations will be provided at the entries/exits of each high-traffic building as determined by facilities. All employees are strongly recommended to avoid congregating in close proximity during entry into buildings, and should maintain adequate social distancing.

Use of Elevators

As directed by public authorities, the use of elevators is limited to individuals who are unable to use the stairs (physically handicapped/health condition) and at 40% capacity or for the transportation of supplies that cannot be carried upstairs.

Use of Water Fountains

Drinking from the water fountains is not permitted. 

Emergency Evacuations

For emergency evacuations that occur the social distancing measures have to be followed according to the regulations and guidelines proposed by Governmental authorities. Physical distancing shall be maintained when possible during these scenarios.


Effective use of signage can be a very easy way to remind people to reduce their risk or let visitors know you are looking out for your employees.

Covid -19 Guidelines

Fall 2021
Guidelines Graduate Business School

Helpful information about mode of delivery and measures taken to safeguard the health, safety and wellbeing of students and Alba members.


Specific guidelines for all ACG guests and visitors.


ACG is applying all cleaning protocols for all areas.


Specific guidelines for all ACG food providers.


Health and Safety practices for All ACG Faculty & Staff.


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