Teaching Fellows

Alexandros Glykas

Director of DYNAMARINe Co. Ph.D in Ship Structures – University of Glasgow, M.Eng in Naval Architecture & Marine Engineering – National Technical University of Athens

Dr. Alexandros Glykas is an exceptionally motivated Naval Architect and Marine Engineer, driven by the dynamic nature of the Maritime Industry and the vast opportunities it presents for enhancing international standards. His passion lies in educating and inspiring young professionals, which he accomplishes through his role at ALBA Graduate Business School. From 1996 to 2000, Alexandros actively participated in maritime casualty investigations, where he played a pivotal role in the ratification of new requirements for Bulk Carriers at the International Maritime Organization (IMO). Notably, he made significant contributions to the second phase of the M/V DERBYSHIRE Investigation (1997-2000), organized by the UK Department of Transport, marking the beginning of his career. Since 2001, Alexandros has assumed key responsibilities in ship management and embarked on a career as a lecturer, initially as a lecturer and later as an adjunct Professor in Maritime Technology. His expertise expanded in 2007 to encompass policies and procedures pertaining to Ship-to-Ship transfer operations. Having delivered lectures internationally, including at ALBA Graduate Business School, Alexandros continues to educate students on various subjects, including Maritime Technology, Ship Repair Management, Ship Valuation, and Marine Policy aspects. He has also authored papers in scientific journals, co-authored two books for Marine Academies, and published several works, publications and a book, focusing on the Management and International Policy of Ship-to-Ship transfer Operations. Currently, Dr. Glykas serves as a Teaching Fellow at ALBA, where he delivers engaging lectures on Ship Technology for MSc and MBA classes, as well as Shipping Management for MSc students. Furthermore, he actively supports the school by participating in and supervising Field Consulting Projects that foster strong connections between academia and the industry.

Contact Details

E mail : [email protected] & [email protected] More information here

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