Thessaloniki Future Leaders Lab

Learnability for Employability
Duration: 5 months (12-15 learning days)
Start Date: February 2024
Participation Dates: 22-24/2/2024, 28-30/3/2024, 11-13/4/2024, 16-18/5/2024, last module: 30/5-1/6/2024
Application Deadline: January 26, 2024
Fees: Participation is free. The fees are sponsored by the corporate ecosystem.


This pioneer learning initiative, led by Alba Executive Development, under the auspices of the Prefecture of Central Macedonia, with the support of corporations with an important footprint in Thessaloniki, is addressed to undergraduate local public University students and aspires to connect the universal values of the city  - its multicultural tradition, extrovert orientation and openness to novelty -  with the transferable skills and competencies connected to the booming innovation ecosystem of Thessaloniki, while it aims to empower students with the tools, skills and competencies for a ‘Future Focused Mindset’ that will fuel them to design their career and their future.

The initiative builds on the growing business and innovation ecosystem of Thessaloniki and co-creates a learning ecosystem that connects students with organizations, companies and learning institutions in order to generate value for the community.


The initiative establishes learning agility and a continuous learning mindset as the catalyst for development, employability and growth.

Τhe program unfolds around the following learning pillars:

  • Leadership and self-leadership for employability and growth

This module focuses on the development of soft skills and horizontal/transferable competencies, that will prepare students for their future academic and career paths, while it will also give them the learning community, the opportunity to develop a shared value set that will drive the city of Thessaloniki and the country towards prosperity and growth.

  • Sustainability

This module will explore the notion of sustainability through its core dimensions ( financial, social and environmental) as through the 17 Sustainable Development Goals, adopted by the United Nations. The module will conclude with the Inner Development Goals framework, that addresses the collective skills and competencies that fuel the vision for a sustainable world by 2030.

  • Innovation

Τhe module will address the notion and processes and management of innovation in different sectors ( Financial Sector, Food Industry, Manufacturing, Science etc), while it will also empower students with design thinking skills and human centered approach to innovation. 

  • Digitalization

This module aims to offer students a set of tools that will assist them to work, and collaborate effectively in digitalization and disruptive innovation contexts.

  • Entrepreneurship and Intrapreneurship

This module will focus on offering students the opportunity to develop knowledge and tools in order to boost entrepreneurial thinking and business acumen, while it also highlights the skills and mindset that boost individuals to take initiatives to pursue innovation and growth within an organization.


Language of Delivery: The Program will be delivered in Greek



Learning Philosophy and Approach

Learning will evolve in two pillars that will interact with each other during each module.

  1. Cutting Edge Theory and Academic Learning

The first learning pillar of each module focuses on Cutting -Edge Theory and applied academic knowledge, that will be led by Alba Faculty.

  1. Ecosystem Learning and Applied Organizational Learning

The second learning pillar of each module consists of applied knowledge and company driven learning, led by the organizations that support the Thessaloniki Future Leaders Lab. The learning portfolio includes company visits, interfaces with corporate executives, masterclasses with managers and network learning and offers both the students and the corporate sponsors a context in which they interact, learn from each other and get inspired


Designed and orchestrated by Alba Executive Development | Supported and co-created in collaboration with 



Under the auspices of the Prefecture of Central Macedonia


  • Thessaloniki Public University Students, age 20-25 across scientific disciplines ( different Schools and Departments)
  • Game Changer Attitude, paired with a growth mindset and an eagerness to drive transformation and change.


CUTTING-EDGE THEORY AND ACADEMIC LEARNING | The courses are delivered by a group of academics, as well as of experienced and successful professionals and facilitators of diverse background that share a passion for excellence in their field of expertise.

ECOSYSTEM LEARNING | The workshops are co-designed by Alba faculty and our corporate supporters and are delivered by corporate speakers, organizational executives as well as stakeholders and pioneers of the  Thessaloniki business and innovation community. 


Course Faculty
Professor of International Business and Strategy view more
Head of People Development, Agile Actors view more
Social Change & Inner Development Consultant, Sarli Kouvaras Consulting view more
Stella Lignou Programme Director for MSc Food Science & MSc Food Technology: Quality Assurance, University of Reading
Associate Professor in Sensory & Consumer Science, Department of Food & Nutritional Sciences, University of Reading view more
Professor of Organizational Behavior view more
Professor of Business performance and innovation at Warwick Business School view more
Nikos Mylonopoulos Director of The SEV Center of Excellence in Creative Leadership
Professor of Digital Business view more
Professor of Financial Technology and Information Systems view more



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