Master your Own Business by Mastercard

Duration: 2 months / 60 hours
Start Date: April 23, 2024
Participation Dates: From April 23, 2024 till June 27, 2024 / Afternoon classes
Application Deadline: April 7, 2024
Fees: The program is sponsored by Mastercard


For the second consecutive year, Mastercard and Alba Graduate Business School are joining forces to empower women entrepreneurs through the "Master Your Own Business" Executive Education Program. This year, the program is expanding significantly, doubling its capacity from last year, offering 40 women the opportunity to participate and elevate their businesses to a new level!

The program is designed to equip women across various levels of seniority, functions and industries with the latest knowledge, skills, and competencies that will enable them to enhance their mindset and shape their own future. Additionally, it will help them establish a dynamic learning network where they can share their insights, challenges, and growth opportunities.

The "Master your Own Business" program refers to middle and senior-level women professionals and entrepreneurs who aspire to gain a deeper understanding of the business environment and establish themselves as professionals with sustainable businesses. Last year more than 25 young women benefited from the educational program gaining valuable insights.

This year, the curriculum undergoes a dynamic transformation, expanding to include vital pillars such as Leadership, Digitalization, Entrepreneurship, Growth, Servant Mindset, and Sustainability. The program will have online synchronous learning mode and participants will be granted with an Executive Certificate from ALBA.


Positive Mindset and Resilience with Dr. Eirini Karakasidou

Positivity affects our brain, mind, behaviors, learning and performance. The concepts and ideas of Positive Psychology are easily applied, transferred and incorporated in most arenas of human functioning. Research findings indicate that positivity is causally related to physical and psychological health, work, school and athletic performance, psychological resilience and learning, innovation, creativity and leadership. Thus, it has become quintessential for managers to be aware of the benefits derived from Positive Psychology in relation to work environment performance, job satisfaction, team building, and to implement positive psychological strategies for better performance and higher achievement. The session outlines the main concepts, models and application of Positive Psychology in the work environment.
The main axes are:

  • Introduction to positive psychology: History, milestones, concepts
  • The beneficial role of Positive Emotions: The function, the benefits and the value of positive emotions 
  • Positivity, Resilience, Optimism, Hope & Well-being 
  • Positive Leadership, authenticity & transformation 
  • Promoting Healthy Organizations: Values, meaning & incorporation of positive emotions in Organizations


Growth Mindset and Servant, with Ms Nora Gikopoulou

This highly interactive session unfolds around: 

  1. The concept of Growth mindset, which lies at the core of learning for growth and empowerment. Participants will have the opportunity to understand the differences between a fixed mindset and a growth mindset and to explore the techniques, behaviors and competencies connected with the growth mindset: curiosity, agility, openness, experimentation, vulnerability, dealing with risk and with failure, persistence, commitment and passion for continuous learning. Participants will also reflect on the value of purpose as well as on the ways that they can co –create organizational contexts that promote value and purpose.
  2. The basic principles of Servant mindset, the values and competencies interrelating with it, as well as the core practices connected with a servant approach, such as empathizing, listening, unleashing the energy and intelligence of others, finding meaning, changing the pyramid from top to bottom, igniting growth and sharing foresight.

More specifically, the session unfolds around the fundamental practices that help boost mutual respect and collaboration in the era of disruption and digitalization:

  • Self – awareness and awareness of who we are and how we impact others.
  • Listening and observing others, in order to identify their needs and challenges.
  • Changing the Pyramid, so that everyone in the Organization is focused on the people whom the Organization is designed to serve. (customers, stakeholders, employees)
  • Unleashing the Potential of others and encouraging them to make and sustain the maximum contribution they can make to the organization and the community.

Conflict Management, Dr Elena Koltsaki

Conflicts within the corporate environment reduce productivity while consuming a great deal of managerial time, only to get temporary results. Cooperation, understanding and quick and effective mechanisms for conflict management and resolution are vital to avoid both personal and economic costs and boost productivity. This session focuses on the management of conflict in the workplace and aims to assist helps individuals, companies and larger organizations not only handle but also prevent conflicts in the working environment, with colleagues, customers and business partners.

Negotiations Skills, Dr Elena Koltsaki

The Negotiations Seminar, aims at empowering participants with the tools, the competencies, the techniques and the mindset that will allow them to achieve optimum results in the negotiations contexts and challenges that they face, and improve their negotiations results, both in their personal and in their professional lives. The content provides a blend of cutting edge theory, practical knowledge, role plays and interactive exercises that evolve in a collaborative context that boosts self-awareness, feedback and reflection and assists participants to think about negotiation preparation and strategy in an organized way.

Narrative Intelligence Workshop, with Ms Polyna Roussou

This workshop aims at building narrative intelligence. The focus will be at introducing the power of stories and narrative as a means of understanding, constructing, and re-constructing our identity, self and experience in the workplace context and other contexts we occupy. Additionally, this module will also shortly introduce the value of a widely neglected element of the workplace, namely the ‘bodily’ experience. We will learn how body states influence behaviors, narratives and finally workplace culture.
Key Take Aways:

  • Ability to understand the narrative practices of our workplace culture and what these mean in terms of workplace identity. Skills for reshaping, reconstructing, and introducing new narratives in the service of change in workplace culture and personal identities.
  • Skills for diagnosing the levels of stress in the workplace and aiding the creation of safe, ‘embodied’ workplace environments. Learning and working with the links between ‘story’ and ‘body states.’

Management in the Digital Era, with Dr Nikos Mylonopoulos

The seminar on Management in the Digital Era clarifies the specific ways in which innovation in digital technologies changes the rules of the game in business, market competition, the economy, and the society. Currently we experience a transitional period during which a new paradigm, driven by digital and post digital technologies, is already dominating the reality around us. This seminar has implications for strategic decision making in business (including, for example, technology investments, new revenue models, platform and ecosystem co-opetition, workforce and talent management, and others) as well as personal and professional learning and development.
This seminar blends the emerging trends in digital technologies, their economic properties, the consequent implications for market competition and platform business models and concludes with the demands that such changes impose on leadership, management, organizational culture and structure, as well as the requisite skills.
Specifically, the following topics will be covered.
1.Technology trends
2.Drivers of change
3.The Economics of Digital
4.Platforms and Ecosystems
5.Digital Disruption
6.Digital Transformation
7.Agile Management

Design Thinking, with Dr Nikos Mylonopoulos

Design thinking is a creative approach to problem-solving aiming to break established biases and stereotypes and to seek solutions that meet the deeper needs and aspirations of people. This is why the most important defining characteristic of design thinking is that it is human-centered. Design thinking begins with deep empathy and understanding of the needs and motivations of people. Human-centered design is all about starting with people and building deep empathy; generating lots of possible ideas; building and testing prototypes with the people we are designing for; and eventually putting new solutions out into the world to improve work and life. Design thinking is collaborative. Several great minds are always stronger when solving a challenge than just one. Design thinking benefits greatly from the views of multiple perspectives. This session, aims to introduce participants to the method of design thinking and to the application and practice of the main stages of the design thinking process (Empathize, Define, Ideate, Prototype and Test) in order to tackle complex problems, to collaboratively come up with decisions and to develop decision making effectiveness.

Identifying Business Opportunities, with Mr Alexis Komselis

How can entrepreneurs identify opportunities for growth, expansion and/or diversification? Looking for ways to grow a business or overcome problems is an integral part of entrepreneurial strategy. In this workshop participants will familiarize themselves with tools and processes to both identify opportunities and understand their potential.

Value Chain: Turning ideas into Business, with Mr Alexis Komselis

This workshop focuses on turning ideas into functional business structures. Based on the business' value proposition and business model we identify core and supportive activities. Understanding the business' value chain helps entrepreneurs to identify costs and cost structures, create sustainable value creation systems and mitigate risk.

Sustainability with Mr Gerasimos Kouvaras 

During this course, we will have the opportunity to holistically explore the notion of sustainability and to address it through its three dimensions (financial, social and environmental) and the 17 Goals for Sustainable Development as these have been adopted by the UN. We will collaboratively address, discuss and reflect on Goal 5 (Gender equality), Goal 12 (Responsible Consumption and Production) and Goal 13 (Climate Action). Additionally, we will explore case studies and best practices on the ESG framework that addresses environmental societal and corporate governance issues, and we will familiarize ourselves with the framework of the Inner Development Goals.


Τhe Program is addressed to women entrepreneurs, university graduates, ages 25 – 45, that aspire to build or grow their business.

Applicants may range across levels of experience or industry sectors.


 Τhe Program is addressed to women entrepreneurs, university graduates, ages 25 – 45, that aspire to build or grow their business.

Applicants may range across levels of experience or industry sectors.

The application process will be followed by a selection process in order to decide on the group of 40 women who will join the program.

Selection criteria will focus on the motivation of the participants to engage in continuous learning, to add value to the rest of the team, to become part of a vibrant learning network, as well as the intention to boost their self – awareness and work towards their personal and professional growth, as the above are expressed in their application form. For this reason, we encourage the applicants to share their challenges, goals, and aspirations in the dedicated section of the application.


Course Faculty
Head of People Development, Agile Actors view more
Psychologist, Researcher, Trainer & Psychotherapist view more
Elena Koltsaki Academic Director of the MSc in Business for Lawyers
Affiliate Professor | Lawyer-Mediator view more
Alexis Komselis Director AHEAD - Alba Hub for Entrepreneurship and Development
Teaching Fellow view more
Social Change & Inner Development Consultant, Sarli Kouvaras Consulting view more
Nikos Mylonopoulos Director of The SEV Center of Excellence in Creative Leadership
Professor of Digital Business view more
Business Consultant & Executive Trainer, a practicing Psychotherapist and Executive Coach. view more


This application process consists of the following steps:

  1. Filling in the online application 
  2. Evaluation of the application (by Alba)
  3. Acceptance and Admission email sent by Alba  


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