Quest mini mba graduation 2023

Friday, 27/01/2023

The 5th cycle of Quest mini mba has been completed. This employee development program is designed by Alba’s Executive development department exclusively for the needs of the Quest Group .

37 selected executives from all Quest Group member companies participated in the 126-hour program, gaining up-to-date knowledge in a wide range of fields related to contemporary business.

The Quest mini mba program runs on a biannual bases with the aim of empowering the Group's employees with knowledge and skills that are necessary in the new, constantly changing business environment and also in the development of a broader strategic perspective.

Up to this day, more than 150 employees have attended and are awarded the Quest mini mba. Given its wide acceptance and great value, the next cycle (6th) is already being prepared.

The training and development of employees is after all, a top priority for the Quest Group and is aligned with its principles and values for Sustainable Development.

The graduation ceremony of the 5th cycle , held on Tuesday, January 24 at the Alba campus, was attended by all of the Group's Senior Management, actively confirming and celebrating the value that the Quest Group places on the development of its employees.

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