HR Metrics - How can training on IT skills improve company performance and reduce costs

Friday, 07/05/2010

How important is the training and certification on IT skills in order to reduce costs in a company? Is there any ignorance cost? The companies tend to reduce employees’ training budget on IT skills, but can they really measure the actual cost involved? It is apparent that companies instead of reducing their costs, they increase other indirect expenses when they reduce their training expenditure. The results of the new ALBA research «IT SKILLS: THE BUSINESS GAIN, MEASURING EMPLOYEES EFFICIENCY AFTER E-SKILLS TRAINING & CERTIFICATION” which was conducted for the first time in Greece, were presented at a special event entitled “Human Resources Metrics: Indices at the services of the HR Manager” that took place on May 6 at King George Hotel in Athens.

The survey was carried out with the support of ECDL Hellas and answered a number of crucial issues such as the cost of ignorance for companies due to the lack of adequate IT employee skills. It is noteworthy that the cost of ignorance per employee is at least €755,50 per year and can be significantly reduced with training on IT skills. In addition, the survey results showed that an IT department spends 354 working hours per year in order to help the employees solve difficulties related to Office applications. 

During the event a discussion panel chaired by ALBA Professor, Dr. Olga Epitropaki, was carried out with the participation of HR Directors and CEO’s in order to identify whether companies nowadays employ such metrics in order to properly evaluate the cost/benefit for their investments on Human Resources practices. Mr. Ioannis Papatheodorou, HR Director in Hellenic Fuels, Mr. George Haros, Human Capital Director at ICAP Group, Mr. Michalis Pagidas, CEO in Sarakakis Group and Mr. Andreas Liakos HR Director in Cadbury Hellas, discussed and presented HR metrics and indices that are employed by their organizations and can be proved extremely useful in order to evaluate the return on investment for future decisions regarding HR benefits and practices. 

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