Capturing Moments: Alba's Online MBA Meetup!

Friday, 17/11/2023

On Saturday, November 11, Alba set the stage for an electrifying inaugural on-campus meetup that transformed the Online MBA program's virtual connections into tangible, unforgettable experiences. Picture this: 34 out of 64 students, hailing from every corner of the globe, gathered in person for the very first time, turning a regular Saturday into a day of unparalleled connection and camaraderie. Those who could not join in-person connected via Zoom.

As our students jetted in, the atmosphere crackled with excitement. Laughter and joy became the soundtrack to team-building activities, weaving a vibrant tapestry of shared experiences that surpassed the confines of virtual classrooms.

The Alba team, featuring Dr. Koritos, Associate Dean; Dr. Samiotis, Director of the Online MBA; Ms. Mantechou, Director of Online Programs; and Ms. Lianou, Manager of the Online MBA Program, welcomed our students. Then, the spotlight shifted to the students themselves, who shared inspiring success stories, proving that the Online MBA journey is not just about studying but also about building meaningful connections.

The excitement continued with a captivating workshop led by Dr. Elena Koltsaki and Eleni Charalampidou on Leadership Development and Conflict Management. The interactive exercises and games provided an engaging platform for students to understand how to manage conflicts effectively and get to know each other on a deeper level.

Mrs. Effie Zachara, Director of Alba Career and Alumni Office, took the stage next, unveiling the career development tools and platforms that Alba offers to support personal growth. Following this, Mrs. Moragianis conducted a workshop, unveiling the Highered 5 Career Journey – a strategic 5-step process for crafting a tailored career plan aligned with individual goals.


The unique meetup concluded at DEOS with a celebratory toast, marking the end of a day filled with inspiration, learning, and connections. Alba couldn't be prouder of these trailblazers, and the palpable happiness in the air marked “a first” in the program's legacy.

Who says that “online learning” is lonely and distant?” asked Dr. Konstantinos Samiotis, the Academic Director of Online Programs, in the aftermath of the event. He pointed out that “The first in-person, online MBA Meet Up event proved that online studies can stimulate unparalleled emotions and relations leading to lifelong networking and friendships. Through an immersive pedagogy, Alba’s online MBA redefines the online learning experience, breaks down diversity walls, and builds empathetic leaders. Alba grows, thrives and prides for its students! 

Dr. Christos Koritos, our Associate Dean of Academic Programs was really eager to meet the Alba Online MBA students in flesh and as he stated “the experience was above my expectations in terms of their motivation to pursue the program, their personal and professional accomplishments, and their future aspirations.  

The legacy of great students in the Alba face-to-face programs lives on in the Alba online programs too.” 

This event wasn't just a meetup; it was a celebration of achievements, friendships, and the beginning of an exciting new chapter for each participant.

According to Stella Mantechou, Online Programs Director “Their time at Alba is not just about acquiring knowledge; it's about forging meaningful connections, gaining new perspectives, and nurturing their growth as future business leaders. At Alba’s Online MBA program, the future of business is shaped, diversity thrives, and student success is – and always remains - our top priority.”

Currently our OMBA participants come from all corners of the world, spanning North America, Europe, the Middle East, and Asia, creating a global network that undoubtedly enriches their learning experience. The Online MBA at Alba is represented by a diverse range of backgrounds and experiences, making it one of the program's unique strengths. The average age of our students is 36, reflecting a rich blend of wisdom and ambition. The average years of professional experience stand at an impressive 13 years, showcasing the wealth of knowledge that they all bring to the table.

The anticipation is building for the first-ever graduation of the Online MBA program, scheduled for June 2024. We eagerly look forward to the next physical reunion, where the bonds forged during this groundbreaking meetup will undoubtedly continue to flourish.

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