Alpha Females for VentureGarden

Wednesday, 26/06/2024

Alba is excited to announce the successful completion of a unique project, Alpha Females for VentureGarden, implemented by AHEAD - The Alba Hub for Entrepreneurship and Development with the support of Alpha Bank. This innovative program was designed to empower female alumni of VentureGarden.

The primary goal of this initiative was to enhance the entrepreneurial skills and knowledge of female VentureGardeners while fostering a strong, mutually supportive community of women entrepreneurs. Participants from different VentureGarden cohorts came together, creating a vibrant reunion and an opportunity to exchange experiences, share their evolution as entrepreneurs, and discuss current challenges and future goals.

The program featured five workshops that included dynamic group discussions and hands-on sessions, providing participants with practical advice and strategies to further develop themselves and their businesses. The workshops were designed to equip participants with tools and skills, necessary to navigate the challenges of the business ecosystem and to overcome any obstacles they might encounter.

A participant, Katerina Agrafiadou noted, "The participants of Alpha Females for VentureGarden proved that the power of collectiveness and female solidarity is invaluable in business success”. Also, another participant, Thaleia Michelaki, mentioned Alpha Females for VentureGarden was a great success. The participants not only developed business skills, but also became a strong team. We proved that when women work together, we can accomplish great things”.

Throughout the program, participants had the chance to connect with entrepreneurs and industry experts, fostering community support and collaboration. This network proved essential, offering guidance and encouragement to each participant on their entrepreneurial journey.

“We are thrilled with the success of the Alpha Females for VentureGarden program. The dedication and enthusiasm of the female VentureGardeners was a real inspiration. This initiative not only strengthened their business skills, but also fostered a strong community of support and collaboration. With the support of Alpha Bank, we have seen in this new action significant growth and empowerment among our community. We look forward to seeing the impact these women will continue to have in the entrepreneurial world," said the VentureGarden Athens team.

Rouli Christopoulou, Head of Corporate Responsibility at Alpha Bank, underlined the importance of the program for female entrepreneurship: "At Alpha Bank we always support initiatives aimed at female empowerment as well as strengthening women's financial skills and knowledge. The Alpha Females for VentureGarden enables those who wish to develop their skills in the so far male-dominated world of business, to break stereotypes and highlight their crucial and leading role in Greek entrepreneurship. We hope that this program will become the springboard for many more women to become active in the business life of the country."

VentureGarden remains committed to empowering entrepreneurs and driving positive change in the Greek business community. By supporting initiatives like the Alpha Females for VentureGarden program, Alba continues to support and promote innovation, collaboration, and growth. Looking ahead, VentureGarden aims to build on the success of this program by exploring additional opportunities to support entrepreneurs and fostering an inclusive entrepreneurial environment.

Overall, the Alpha Females for VentureGarden initiative was successful, thanks to the collaborative efforts of Alba and Alpha Bank. This partnership has strengthened VentureGarden's mission to support and empower entrepreneurs and highlighted the importance of supporting women entrepreneurs for Greece's social and economic development.

So, are you ready to be part of this vibrant alumni community of continuous support and networking opportunities? VentureGarden is free of charge and is delivered in Greek! The 22nd round is set to be announced soon and expected to begin the 2024 Fall. You can click here for more information and stay tuned to our official Social Media Accounts.

VentureGarden launched in February 2014. It is delivered in Athens and Heraklion, Crete by AHEAD - Alba Hub for Entrepreneurship and Development. The program's founding sponsor is The Hellenic Initiative, while it receives further donations by local donors.

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