ALBA was the scientific advisor of the 2008 DERIVATIVES FORUM

Wednesday, 30/01/2008

February 2-3, 2008 at Aigli Zappeiou

The aim of the Conference was to diffuse information and knowledge on derivative products of different market sectors and identify methods of effectively using derivatives as tools of hedge and speculation in the formulation of strategies under different conditions of the economy.

At the same time the Conference aimed to inform the Greek market professionals as well as the broad investment public for new trends and developments in the markets of derivative products worldwide, and also the opportunities and threats that those might conceal as alternative ways of investment.

The Conference was addressed to:
- Fund Managers
- Treasurers
- Bankers
- CFOs 
- CEOs
- General Managers
- Brokers
- Stockbrokers
- Risk Managers
- Salespeople of Financial Products
- Sophisticated Private Investors
- Institutional Investors

ALBA was the scientific advisor of the Conference. Furthermore, Dr. Nicholas Tessaromatis, Associate Professor of Finance and Academic Director of the ALBA MSc in Finance Program gave a lecture on 'Derivatives - Tool for Effective Management of Pension Funds' on February 2 at 12.00p.m., whereas Dr. Ilias Visvikis, Assistant Professor of Finance and Academic Director of the ALBA MSc in Shipping Program, gave a lecture on 'Shipping Derivatives' on February 3 at 12.20p.m.

The Conference was organized by, the Hellenic German Chamber of Commerce and MONEY SHOW.

You may download the Program of the Conference here .

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