Climate Change Needs (Technological) Hope!

Thursday, 15/12/2022

“The UN climate change conference in Egypt is now a thing of the past. There has been some progress (the “loss and damage” fund for vulnerable countries) but for now, mostly promises…

In other words, we are now very close to the "bad" scenario that the IPCC predicted in 2021. This increase will mainly affect the planet and its inhabitants (flora and fauna) after 2080. In this context, many still hope for changes in consumer behavior.

So, is climate change inevitable…? Can a massive contribution to science and technology be the solution to curbing global climate change?”

Professor Vlachos addressed the aforementioned questions, as well as his opinion regarding the role of technology in climate change and why behavioral interventions although necessary are not feasible.

You can read the whole article here

Published in Oikonomikos Taxidromos at OT| Experts section

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