Women on Top partial Scholarship


Women on Top in cooperation with Alba Business Graduate School offer one partial merit based scholarship for any of the listed postgraduate degrees offered by Alba for academic period of 2024-25.

  • The Alba MBA
  • MBA with Shipping
  • MSc in International Business and Management
  • MSc in Entrepreneurship
  • MSc in Strategic HRM
  • MSc in Finance
  • MSc in Marketing
  • MSc in Shipping Management
  • MSc in Tourism Management

The purpose of this initiative is to support women ready to invest in their professional development, aiming to work creatively in demanding, yet promising roles that they will retain throughout most of their careers, ensuring their financial independence.

The scholarship is available to female applicants aspiring to substantially contribute to the prosperity of the businesses they will work for (or create themselves) and bring positive change to society through their jobs.

To be eligible for the scholarship, applicants must receive a positive evaluation of their academic application submitted to Alba Graduate Business School for the postgraduate degree of interest. Information about Alba’s academic programs, the application process, and the necessary supporting documents may be found on the webpage of each program.

To claim the scholarship, applicants need to:

Launch Alba’s academic application process for the postgraduate degree of interest. The scholarship recipient will be selected from among the applicants who have successfully gone through the academic evaluation process by the Alba Graduate Business School committee.

The deadline for scholarship applications is 31/05/2024, referring to degree programs starting in September and October 2024 or January 2025, depending on the academic program. By this date, applicants must have expressed their interest in the scholarship according to the guidelines outlined previously and completed their application for the selected postgraduate degree.

For inquiries regarding the academic programs and Alba’s application process you may contact the relevant program manager using the contact details on Alba’s website.



Reduction Awarded :

The Women on Top scholarship covers 50% of the degree’s tuition fee.


31 May, 2024

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