Reskilling & Upskilling for your Business & your HR Function

Reskilling & Upskilling for your Business & your HR Function

Research program: A survey in cooperation with Greek People Management Association (GPMA)

Start date: January 2019 - End date: May 2019

Short description

The “Reskilling & Upskilling for your Business & your HR Function” survey was conducted by Alba Graduate Business School on behalf of GPMA (SDADE) and with the support of the Association of Chief Executives Officers (EASE).

Survey’s goal was to map the landscape of the reskilling and upskilling policies and practices used by companies and organizations operating in Greece. The survey was implemented through a tailor made questionnaire addressed to top management executives and HR function professionals. 297 responces were collected in the period 2-21 April 2019.
The main conclusions of the survey:
• The importance of reskilling / upskilling programmes is fully recognised by Human Resources executives and General Managers.
• It is important to explore actions and interventions, as to overcome identified challenges to the implementation of such programmes.
• Skill gaps were identified mostly in behavioural and digital skills, as opposed to technical skills.
• Organisations and Human Resources executives need to take action as to improve their readiness and capability respectively in managing crucial factors that have an impact on how "work" will change in the future.
The results were presented by Dr. Eleni Lamprou, the leading researcher of the survey, in the GPMA’s 16th annual HR Forum on May 16, 2019.
Survey’s results (in Greek) can be found in the links bellow.

Full report

Main conclusions

For more information and questions please contact Mr. A. Alexopoulos, [email protected], 210 8964531 (2270)

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