HR Metrics in Greece

Research program: Funded by: Eurobank Business Services & SEV - Hellenic Federation of Enterprises

Start date: 2012 - End date: 2015

Short description

Mapping the HR Metrics in Greece and training of HR Executives on how to use them

This first attempt to map the HR metrics “reality” in modern Greek business context, was organized by ALBA Graduate Business School with the support of Eurobank Business Services. ALBA conducted a survey to the Greek companies in order to understand the difficulties of using HR Metrics and Indices. According to the survey there is a great need in the HRM to get efficient training on how to use, calculate and "read" the results of HR Metrics. Therefore ALBA in collaboration with SEV organized a 3 days training for HR executives dedicated to HR Metrics and developed a detailed handbook for all companies. The project was completed with a dissemination workshop where HR Managers had the chance to exchange their ideas and experiences in smaller discussion circles. The HR Metrics Handbook as well as the training presentations are available to the public.

You may find the HR Metrics Handbook here

You may also download the

  • 1st part of HR Metrics Training presentation here
  • 2nd part of HR Metrics Training presentation here
  • 3rd part of HR Metrics Training presentation here


  • Eurobank Business Services
  • SEV - Federation of Greek Enterprises

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