ENTRE: Entrepreneurship and Renewal in Regional Cooperation

ENTRE: Entrepreneurship and Renewal in Regional Cooperation

Research program: DG XVI, Interregional Program

Start date: 1999 - End date: 2001

Short description

Collection of existing curricula in European Business Schools regarding Entrepreneurship

The project aimed at developing a regional and interregional cooperation with vocational schools, institutes of higher education, Universities and business remedial organisations in order to help entrepreneurs, both new and existing. The main objectives of this project were: To develop methods to increase the number of SME's, To develop a systematic network for finding people interested in and qualified for entrepreneurship, To change educational institutions with a view to create a new generation of entrepreneurs, To create a network designed to both help start up businesses and to support product/service development, To develop more effective cooperation among the already existing organizations in the participating areas, To emphasize local expertise as the means for creating new jobs and services, and To stimulate new innovations in the sphere of SME's. ALBA was one of the associate partners of the Prefecture of West Attica. ALBA's role in this project was to take part in the selection process of potential entrepreneurs and to develop a study on existing curricula in European Business Schools regarding Entrepreneurship. The purpose of this study was to make suggestions on Business Schools curricula in order to promote enterpreneurial culture in Greece.


  • Athens Chamber of Commerce & Industry
  • Panteion University
  • ALBA Graduate Business School 
  • IST Studies
  • Union of Western Attica entrepreneurs & professionals
  • Vocational Training Center of Elefsina
  • Kainuu (Finland)
  • Government Distr. Leipzig (Germany)
  • Varmland (Sweden)

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