eAcademy: Application Service Provider for Educational e-learning

eAcademy: Application Service Provider for Educational e-learning

Research program: Ministry of Development/ΓΓΕΤ

Start date: 2003 - End date: 2005

Short description

Development of an e-learning Platform

eAcademy main objective was to serve the Greek educational and business sector by providing  a low cost and user friendly e-learning service accessible for the mass market. It was an attractive solution for Greek companies who are in their majority SMEs and do not have the funds to invest in expensive e-learning solutions. eAcademy Platform exploited a range of media and allowed the lecturer to deliver live web events (audio, video and text content) through integrated stream technology that support real-time media capture for archiving. Therefore it makes available to the audience the possibility to view the lecture at any time of the day they will choose while all live events are stored in the server. The main target group was the Private Educational Institutions and Corporations in Greece that offer certifications, short term courses and one day courses, which do not require physical presence or workshops. During the project development a pilot case was used in order to see how the system operated in a realistic environment and get the users (e-Educational Service Provider and e-students) reaction and feedback for the system’s refinements.


ALBA was the pilot user and ANKO the project leader and the developer of the e-learning tool

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