Teaching Fellows

Alex Nikolopoulos

Leadership development facilitator & coach BSc. Degrees in Management and Psychology; MSc. in Global Strategic Management from Boston University

Alex is a leadership facilitator and coach who works with executives to develop themselves as leaders and influencers. Before transitioning into this field, he spent over 15 years as an executive for multinational organizations driving operations, growing revenues, and executing business development in multiple countries worldwide. During his career, he held various senior management positions in the heavy industry and technology sectors, where he led, coached, and developed multicultural and cross-national teams to achieve success by maximizing their performance in competitive and complex environments. As a result, he understands the unique challenges organizations face in developing high-performing leaders committed to delivering a bigger mission. Today, Alex focuses on supporting individuals, teams, and organizations to develop the mindset and skills needed to lead through complexity and ambiguity. A key component of his approach is integrating the tools and strategies employed by great communicators and facilitating executives to deal with the challenges of leading in a volatile and uncertain landscape by analyzing obstacles from new perspectives, overcoming limiting beliefs, and adopting the mindset of agile leaders. Alex has a double major BSc. in Management and Psychology and an MSc. in Management from Boston University. He is also a certified master coach and trainer of Neuro-linguistic Programming (NLP).

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