Core Faculty

Eugene Furman

Assistant Professor of Operations and Decision Science B.Sc., Transnistrian State University; M.A., York University; M.A., York University; Ph.D., Schulich School of Business at York University

Dr. Eugene Furman is an Assistant Professor of Operations Management and Decision Sciences. He teaches quantitative methods and business analytics to graduate-level students. His research interests lie in applications of stochastic modelling, dynamical systems analysis, and unsupervised machine learning algorithms to healthcare and more general service systems (e.g., capacity planning for queueing networks with multiple classes of impatient customers and time-varying demand). His research philosophy revolves around developing powerful mathematical models that can also be easily deployed by decision-makers. His paper published by Production and Operations Management won the Queueing SIG Best Student Paper Competition Prize awarded by Canadian Operations Research Society in 2019. Dr. Furman’s postdoctoral research was funded by Sandra Rotman Centre for Health Sector Strategy and Huawei, Canada. Dr. Furman has an industry experience as a financial model analyst at the department of model validation and analytics at Sun Life Financial, Canadian Division.

Contact Details

TEL.: 2108964531 E mail : [email protected]


Furman, E., Diamant, A., Murat, K. (2021). Customer Acquisition and Retention: A Fluid Approach For Staffing. Production and Operations Management. Winner of the 7th Canadian Operational Research Society (CORS) Student Paper Competition in Queueing.

Furman, E., Cressman, A., Kuznetsov, A., Shin, S., Razak, F., Verma, A., Diamant, A. (2021). Prediction of personal protective equipment use in hospitals during COVID-19. Health Care Management Science. Special issue: Management Science in the Fight against Covid-19.

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