Seize the opportunity: Apply now for VentureGarden's 21st Round and start your entrepreneurial journey!

Friday, 16/02/2024

Exciting news for aspiring entrepreneurs! Applications are now open for the 21st cycle of VentureGarden Athens, the dynamic program that counts 10 years, powered by Alba Hub for Entrepreneurship and Development. Whether you have a groundbreaking idea or a business ready to soar, VentureGarden Athens is the right choice for your entrepreneurial growth. Join a diverse, inclusive, and supportive community of like-minded individuals, passionate about entrepreneurship. 

The program offers specialized training and mentoring with guidance from experienced mentors and a network of fellow entrepreneurs. The intensive training phase consists of 8 classes based on the Value Proposition canvas, focusing on market research and understanding customer needs. Following this, participants that manage to complete the training, receive mentorship to achieve their specific goals and shape their entrepreneurial path with the ultimate goal of creating a 6-month viable and realistic business plan. 

Beyond the training and mentorship, participants also have access to special workshops and become part of the VentureGardeners community. This engaged community actively shares its knowledge and experiences, supporting new groups of entrepreneurs and is a reliable source of inspiration, guidance, and valuable connections. VentureGarden has an inclusive approach, as all individuals are welcomed regardless of age, sex, origin, or background. The diversity is an element which significantly contributes to a rich entrepreneurial ecosystem. 

VentureGarden Athens has been instrumental in fostering entrepreneurship for a decade, offering invaluable skills, guidance, and a supportive community. The program has played a pivotal role in nurturing the growth and success of numerous businesses and entrepreneurs. 

One shining example is Thalia Michelaki, a passionate bookbinder dedicated to preserving the traditional art of bookbinding, which is at risk of disappearing. With a vision to keep this tradition alive, Thalia sees the opportunity to explore new options that will help her and her business to grow entrepreneurial. So, she joined venture garden to build a new activity and share her craft with the public. She aspired to share her craft with the public and engage the tourism industry through immersive experiences. 

Determined to embark on her entrepreneurial journey, Thalia applied to VentureGarden. Through the program, she received mentorship, and networking opportunities essential for her entrepreneurial growth. With VentureGarden's guidance, Thalia begins her mission to preserve and promote the art of bookbinding, embodying the spirit of entrepreneurial thinking and cultural preservation. 

As she said, "I decided to join VentureGarden having already traveled a long way as a freelancer. As I had no previous training in entrepreneurship, through the program I received many stimuli, I applied the knowledge offered not only to the new business idea but to the whole range of my activities, I revised and also consolidated tactics. But the most important thing VentureGarden offered me is becoming part of a strong & particularly supportive community: that of VentureGardeners.” 

So, are you ready to be part of this vibrant alumni community for continuous support and networking opportunities? The program is free of charge and is delivered in Greek! It will be offered in person at Alba's downtown Athens campus. Apply here until 3/03 and begin your entrepreneurial journey!  

VentureGarden launched in February 2014. It is delivered in Athens and Heraklion, Crete by AHEAD - Alba Hub for Entrepreneurship and Development. The program's founding sponsor is The Hellenic Initiative, while it received further donations by local donors. 

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