Traveling in the Future …. Today!

Friday, 22/12/2023

The new ready2board December ‘23 – February '24 issue; is on air and as it focuses on the present and future of travel,  Dr. Kostas Axarloglou, shares his thoughts on how the human-centric technologies enhance traveler’s experiences and make ones trips more enjoyable and memorable!

"You are departing from the Athens International Airport full of experiences and memories of a beautiful country and its people. This is the time to reflect on the stunning Parthenon and the Museum of Acropolis, on the majestic view of Caldera in Santorini, on the warm hospitality of the landlord of the apartment you stayed in Chania, Crete. A bit disappointed that the experience is over, you want to cheer up thinking about your next vacations. Where should you go, when to plan, although the cumbersome experience of travelling is always in the back of your mind: heavy traffic to and from the airport, long lines for check in and immigration clearance, and long waiting in the airport until your flight departs. Well, not quite. Through the Metaverse, an immersive virtual reality ex-perience, where you can interact with digital objects and digital representations of yourself (your avatar) and others, you can immerse in the locations of your next vacations and decide where should you be. You easily decide and you certainly make sure to book your tickets in advance since air traveling becomes a challenge, especially after the COVID-19 pandemic."

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