New Business Incubation Scholarship by Alba and Odyssea

Wednesday, 28/04/2021

Receive specialized training and business support, and set up your own new business in Greece for free!

Odyssea and Alba launch a new Business Incubation Scholarships program, aimed at vulnerable and excluded groups of people in Greece.

The program, implemented by AHEAD - ALBA Hub for Entrepreneurship and Development and coordinated by the not for profit organization Odyssea, aims to help people who would not otherwise have access to this sort of advanced training and support, in order to set up their own new businesses. It is addressed to people who are unemployed or in work suspension, and refugees or migrants with the right to live and work in Greece.

It includes free training and support from Alba. Each participant will receive 16 hours of training in basic business skills and 28 hours of coaching, mentoring, seminars, and technical support. At the same time, the participants will benefit from Odyssea’s incubation & entrepreneurship support, including access to co-working spaces, use of state-of-the-art prototyping and manufacturing facilities for one year and help from Odyssea’s employability services.

There are two cycles available in 2021, each of which will be allocated to individuals or small teams of beneficiaries, who must apply outlining a business idea that they hope to make a reality.

Alexis Komselis, Director of AHEAD stated: “Entrepreneurship is an opportunity for everyone to shape her or his future. We are looking forward to working with our partners at Odyssea in our joint effort to support aspiring entrepreneurs grow in Greece. Hands on training, coaching and mentoring will help participants securely plan their first steps in setting up their business.”

Jai Mexis, founder and CEO of Odyssea, noted: “We believe that entrepreneurship and the creation of SMEs are vital to true, long-lasting integration of vulnerable groups across economic, social and political dimensions. SMEs are the backbone of the Greek economy, making up over 97% of all businesses. We support hard workers with big and small ideas, original thinkers, dreamers and businesspeople to develop their concepts and realize their potential regardless of their racial, social or economic background, and we’re excited to discover a new generation entrepreneurs.”

Prerequisites to apply for a scholarship are that applicants speak English to a good level and can communicate in Greek to the extent required by their idea; that they have the means to attend online classes; that they have some relevant technical or sectoral experience to be able to implement an idea; and that they are dedicated to full participation in the scholarship with no absences.

AHEAD has a long experience in training entrepreneurs who are looking for ways to develop their business ideas and be able to set up their own businesses. It brings together all of Alba's entrepreneurial activities. It supports Alba students and alumni through information, networking, and guidance on their business ideas. For the last 8 years it has been running the successful idea accelerator VentureGarden program in Southern Greece. In the past, it has also supported refugees, immigrants and vulnerable and excluded communities of people in similar entrepreneurship programs.

More information about the scholarships and application process can be found via:
Odyssea’s website:
On the phone: 210 88 39 877
On email: [email protected]

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