Learning Alliance : Launch of SEV and Alba's 8th Cycle of Scholarships

Thursday, 14/03/2024

Embarking on its 8th cycle, the SEV Scholarship Program in partnership with Alba Graduate Business School for the academic year 2024-2025 is set to commence.

"In a rapidly evolving world, the need for ongoing education aligns with the pace of technological advancements. SEV places a premium on lifelong learning, recognizing the imperative of nurturing skills and knowledge essential for organizational and digital transformations in today's businesses. Through its strategic alliance  with Alba, SEV aims to empower both employees and member companies." That was the key meessage during the launch of the 8th iteration of the SEV Scholarship Program for designed specifically for executives from SEV member companies, covering 50% of tuition fees.

The announcement of this new scholarship cycle was made during an event commemorating the 7th anniversary of the joint educational initiative between SEV and Alba, known as "Learning Alliance"

Held at the SEV offices on Tuesday, March 12, 2024, the event featured live discussions emphasizing the critical importance of continuous human resource development. Representatives from companies of various sizes and sectors as well as scholars/alumni, who have benefited from previous cycles of the program, shared their experiences and the tangible benefits in terms of personal growth and corporate advancement.

Speaking on the significance of retraining executives from medium and small businesses, Dr. Kostas Axarloglou, emphasized the strategic collaboration between SEV and Alba. He highlighted the creation of a dynamic "knowledge ecosystem" over the past seven years, facilitating continuous learning to effectively navigate new business challenges. The scholarship program under the strategic partnership "Learning Alliance" has already enabled 52 executives from SEV member companies to participate in Alba's postgraduate programs, equipping them with essential skills, mindset, and values crucial for business and societal well-being.

Mr. Stelios Argyros, Chairman of the ALBA Association Board of Directors, underscored the SEV-Alba scholarships as a testament to the business shcool's close ties with the business community. This enduring program, integral to the "Learning Alliance" initiative, has garnered trust from businesses and earned respect within the academic sphere. He extended his best wishes to program graduates, urging them to leverage their education as responsible leaders, considering long-term economic, technological, and social developments in their decision-making.

Reflecting on the program's impact over the past seven years, Mr. Efthimios Vidalis,  President of the SEV Executive Committee, noted the participation of over 40 SEV member companies in providing their executives with opportunities for skill enhancement. The majority of beneficiaries remain within their supporting companies, reinforcing the shared belief of SEV and Alba in the value of investing in knowledge for both individuals and businesses.

Dr. Giorgos Xirogiannis, General Director of SEV, emphasized the integral role of continuous knowledge enrichment in SEV's strategy. The collaborative effort between SEV and Alba under the"Learning Alliance" initiative, serves this strategic objective by expanding executives' technological and managerial expertise in preparation for the 4th industrial revolution. Dr. Xirogiannis emphasized the cultivation of strategic thinking, innovation, change management, team leadership, and problem-solving skills. He expressed confidence that strengthening human resources will pave the way for a more modern, sustainable, and competitive economy, fostering inclusivity and opportunities for all. The success of "Learning Alliance" , serves as a powerful motivator for SEV to continue its commitment to human capital development, recognizing that the true wealth and strength of every business lie in its people.



Scholarships are open for the academic year 2024 – 2025, will cover 50% of total fees and are addressed to Small and Medium Enterprises – members of SEV, offered as rewarding services to the members of the Federation.

Application deadeline : May 31, 2024



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