Learning Agility Summer School 2023

Monday, 17/07/2023

Alba organized -for yet another year- the Learning Agility Summer school 2023. A group of students from Uruguay (IEEM MBA) and Greece had the chance to work together in an intensive 4 days program, where they had to brainstorm and find innovative ideas for a start up.

We would like to thank Wellics for spending time with our summer school participants during their Design Thinking workshop. Summer School sessions were facilitated by Alexis Komselis, Director of Alba Hub for Entrepreneurship and Development and  Ms. Elena Avatangelou, Co-Founder/Service and Product Design at Giving Streets and Design Thinking Facilitator & Trainer.

According to one of the participants We had the chance to have some great sessions, with interesting topics which has been presented by inspirational people and at the same time we had the chance to interact and cooperate with many different people and internationals. I spent well these days and I was really happy to collaborate with the rest of the team in order to have a productive week!

Learning Agility Summer School Program:

DAY 1—10th of July, Monday

  • 10.00-17.00: “Opportunity mapping for Greek Startups and Small Business workshop”, Alexis Komselis, Director of ALBA Hub for Entrepreneurship and Development, Teaching Fellow

DAY 2—11th of July, Tuesday

  • 10.00-13.00: "Develop a Learning Mindset for Agility: Learning Agility & Strategic Agility", Kostas Axarloglou, Professor of International Business & Strategy
  • 14.00-17.00: "Building skills for disruption: User centered methodologies for designing better products and services", Elena Avatangelou, Co-Founder/Service and Product Design, Giving Streets, Design Thinking Facilitator & Trainer

DAY 3—12th of July, Wednesday

  • 10.00-13.00: All Day Workshop - "Design Thinking Sprint", Elena Avatangelou, Co-Founder/Service and Product Design, Giving Streets, Design Thinking Facilitator & Trainer Work in teams
  • 14.00-17.00: Workshop - "Design Thinking Sprint", Work in teams—presentations of final ideas

DAY 4—13th of July, Thursday

  • 10.00-13.00: "Positive mindset & Resilience", Prof. Tasos Stalikas, Professor of Psychology, Panteion University, Adjunct Professor of Psychology

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