Learnability for Employability | Module one delivered

Thursday, 04/04/2024

Thessaloniki Future Leaders Lab – Learnability for Employability

Powered by Alba Executive Education in collaboration with Elval  and Mevgal SA


The first module of this aspirational learning Program, which is addressed to students of local Universities in the region of Thessaloniki, took place in early March.

The core theme of the module was Leadership and Self-Leadership.

During the sessions, the students had the opportunity to explore contemporary leadership notions, to understand the value of transferable and horizontal skills and to collaboratively embrace a growth mindset / learning agility mindset, in order to fuel their future personal, academic and professional growth.

Cutting – Edge Learning Content

Blending cutting -edge theory with leadership dialogues, encounters with organizational leaders and interactive workshops with corporate Human Resources experts, the module offered a synthesis of research based knowledge and courses  in Strategic Leadership, Creative Leadership and  Growth Mindset & horizontal competencies , taught by Dean Kostas Axarloglou, Professor Charalampos Mainemelis and Ms Nora Gikopoulou respectively , while it hosted a workshop on the Employee Life cycle and the transferrable skills that make a professional unique,  which was developed by Sophia Dimitriou, Learning Manager at Elval SA, Ilioula Kostopoulou, Learning Specialist at Elval and Nikoleta Petikidou, Learning and Organizational Development Senior Manager at Viohalco Group.


During the Strategic Leadership course, participants had the opportunity to meet Ms Mary Chatzakou, President and Managing Director at Mevgal SA and Ms Marianna Chatzakou, Board Member at Mevgal SA. Ms Mary Chatzakou, shared her leadership journey and the corporate challenges and milestones connected with her career, while Ms Marianna Chatzakou, described how the legacy of the organization fuels the focus towards the future. The discussion, addressed key leadership competencies, such as strategic insight, self-awareness, interaction and interdependence with stakeholders, collaboration and trust.

Thought- Provoking Learning Context

The first part of the module was hosted at Noesis, an important Science and Technology Center in Northern Greece that includes a state-of-the-art planetarium, a science center and a museum.

The second part of the module was hosted at The Society for Macedonian Studies, a landmark in the city of Thessaloniki, that stands as an intellectual hub of cultural preservation and scholarly pursuit within the region. The students had the opportunity to learn about the history and mission of the Society for Macedonian Studies, by its President, Dr Vasileios Pappas. Additionally, they visited the library of the Society that currently hosts an exhibition with old maps of Smyrna and engaged into a reflective discussion with Dr Adelais Ismyrliadou, curator of the library, on the value of interdisciplinary learning and on the ways that the science of History interacts with other disciplines such as Economics, Geopolitics, Environmental Sciences, Behavioral Sciences and Management.


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