Tuesday, 15/11/2022

The new ready2board Sep ‘22 – Nov '22 issue; is on air!

The imperative to navigate an uncertain present towards a sustainable future drive both the academic and the corporate community to new and creative contents and contexts.

A discussion between Dean Kostas Axarloglou, Dr. Stefanos Zarkos, and Jiorgis I. Kritsotakis Ph.D., Resources Lead – Accenture Grecce 

Kicking off the discussion Dean Kostas Axarloglou talked about the sustainable flow of learning and its importance emphasizing the last decade, we have been experiencing unpreceded change and flux such as digital disruption, the uncertain evolution of the workplace, health, and environmental challenges, and the diversity of knowledge, signaling the need for new paradigms that establish learning as the driver not only of our careers but also of our lives and our shared future. In addition, Dr. Axarloglou pointed out how schools increasingly facilitate Sustainable Learning and education by instilling in students the desire to contribute positively to making the world a better place.

Associate Dean Dr. Zarkos grabbed this opportunity to link Dr. Axarloglou’s point on how Business Schools Curricula are being regenerated to creatively respond to the new imperatives for Sustainable Learning by designing learning paths that blend business education with a multiplicity of venues, initiatives, and modalities that are orchestrated across students’ learning journeys.

Closing this discussion Dr. Jiorgis Kritsotakis reminded us how the COVID-19 pandemic highlighted our global interconnectedness and collective reliance on one another as never before. Moreover, Dr. Kritsotakis added to his point that: “This unprecedented moment demands concerted action by businesses, governments, and civil society to build an equitable, resilient, and sustainable future for people and the planet.”

But what can leadership teams do to strengthen their organizations’ Sustainability DNA?

Could a combination of practical steps and systems such as 1) assessing and championing their people’s values and needs, 2) creating decision-making processes focused on diverse stakeholders, and 3) building accountability at all levels in their organization help strengthen the Sustainability DNA of the companies?

A very interesting and insightful discussion among luminaries!

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