Leading the Charge: Empowering Executives in Energy's Evolution

Wednesday, 10/04/2024

February 19th marked the ending of the second class of the Executive Program in Energy Business. The program, offered in partnership with Audencia Business School, concluded with a Final Project Presentations and Graduation Ceremony.

The 146 hours  long program, attracted 28 executives, from more than eight companies that operate in the field of Energy, (including the Public Power Corporation (ΔΕΗ), Motor Oil, TUV Hellas, Helleniq Energy Holdings SA, as well as several professionals employed in the Energy Sector.

During the Final Project assignment, participants work in groups and choose a Strategy project based on the analysis of a real energy company or one of its divisions/Business units. The teams capitalize the knowledge gained throughout their program  in order to address a strategic priority or project of an organization that operates in the energy sector and collaboratively propose strategic solutions.

This Executive development program is aiming to help aspiring senior and middle managers employed in the field of energy wishing to update or advance their understanding and knowledge on the current trends, opportunities, challenges and impact on their profession and companies as well as to become part of a dynamic professional network within the booming energy sector.


The program is currently accepting applications for the 4th intake, to take place this spring.

Register now, become an early bird applicant and enjoy the benefits.

Early bird availability by 31/4/2024.

Applications deadline is April 2024.

For more information about this program visit our site here. 

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