Launch of “Alba Faculty News…Paper”

Friday, 05/08/2022

Alba’s mission in serving the community is realized through new knowledge creation of relevance and impact. The newsletter in hand, the “Alba Faculty News…Paper” shares regularly Alba faculty’s most recent knowledge creation and dissemination with our stakeholders and the community, in an easily accessible manner that helps us all to continuously learn; our faculty’s academic distinctions and international recognition, their management insights stemming from their scientific research, the dissemination of their insights and expertise in the classroom, in the media and in their intercourse with the public, even their “business unusual”, and yet with much ingenuity, points of view and perspectives.
All in all, and in paraphrasing Heinrich Schliemann’s message to King George I, when he discovered the tombs that belonged to Agamemnon and Cassandra, “Since [at Alba] [we] work out of sheer love of science, [we] naturally make no claim of [knowledge] and enthusiastically make [it] over in [its] entirety to [the community]”.

K. Axarloglou, Dean



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