Free training courses in Family Business management

Thursday, 29/03/2018

Alba, in its capacity as partner of the EU (Erasmus+ program) funded project FABUSS, offers a blended learning program in Family Business succession management.

The FABUSS project, led by Athens Chamber of Commerce and Industry and with partners from six European countries, focuses on a wide range of family businesses succession-related issues, aiming at providing answers to associated concerns and identifying areas in which appropriate skills and methodologies development, by both the generation that currently manages the business and the next one, could improve chances of successful succession.

The training program is composed of six modules:

  • Understanding Family Business Related Issues
  • Transnational Similarities and Differences
  • Growth Strategies for Family Businesses
  • Next Generation Leadership
  • Effective Governance & Decision Making, and
  • Communication & Conflict Management

It is designed to promote cooperation among participants both at national and transnational levels. “Physical” teaching in class will be supported by a tailor made e-learning platform as well as training and learning resources.

You can find the official call for participation here and you can submit your interest to participate here (both links in Greek)

Participation deadline: April 16, 2018

For more information you can contact:

Mr. Alexis Komselis, [email protected], 210 8964532 (ext. 2321), or Mr. Aristotelis Alexopoulos, [email protected], 210 8964531 (ext. 2270).

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