Dr. Kyriakopoulos, keynote speaker on Agribusiness event

Monday, 12/02/2018

Dr. Kyriakos Kyriakopoulos, Professor of Strategy & Marketing, was the keynote speaker in the event 'Agribusiness organizational challenges and European tools for incorporating innovation' organized by Aroma Hub in collaboration with Orange Grove. The event sought to address issues of product orientation in Greek agribusiness as well as how new ventures in agri-business can tap the EU funding opportunities in support of entrepreneurship In Greece.

Aroma innovation hub is part of the Patras Science Park and represents a partnership between companies and laboratories to foster the production line of aromatic and medical plans in novel ways.

Dr. Kyriakopoulos addressed a major challenge in agribusiness in which, most new ventures fail or remain stagnant though they begin with a unique product and great aspirations. Lack of understanding of who are the customer and what is their pain are to blame. Dr. Kyriakopoulos introduced a 4-step approach that infuses Customer Centricity in new ventures and helps them create and deliver superior value for customers, capture this value, and sustain the value by weaving a coherent business model. Sharing practices from the agribusiness in the Netherlands and elsewhere, he illustrated how Greek farmers can collaborate to create value-adding activities that extend the value of their agricultural produce and foster development in local communities

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