Customer Interaction Debrief Session with Harvard Business School MBA students

Monday, 14/05/2018

On Saturday 12th of May, Alba and HBS MBA and MSc students had the chance to meet and work together in a Customer Interaction Debrief.

HBS students visited Athens as part of their Field Global Immersion. Approximately 70 HBS students the last couple of months work on twelve Greek company cases identified by Alba and HBS alumni. The Customer Interaction Debrief is an event during the FIELD Global Immersion that provides HBS students with the opportunity to share some of their initial learnings and insights from speaking with local customers, and receive feedback from our students, who can offer valuable perspectives both as locals and fellow business students. The session also serves as a valuable networking opportunity for both groups. Since the students from HBS visited Athens for the first time during FGI, the learning from these social engagements can be just as powerful for them as what they take out of their project work.

Alba students rotated in three projects each and gave useful insights, brainstormed and provide a new perspective to the HBS students. It was a great learning experience for all students.

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