Crisis Management projects for Roger Williams University MBA students

Wednesday, 12/04/2023

Crisis Management projects for Roger Williams University MBA students

What OTE, Four Seasons Hotel, Motodynamics and Qualco have in common?

Crisis Management practices that Roger Williams University MBA students collected and presented in the framework of their field trip in Athens two weeks ago. Companies’ representatives visited Alba for the final presentations and shared practices under the facilitation of Prof. Kostas Tzioumis.


RWU students had the chance to visit SEV and participate in some interesting lectures by Dr. Elena Koltsaki, Dr. George Batsakis and Dr. Pavlos Vlachos. RWU Field trip was funded by US Department of Education, OPE, Business and International Education (BIE) Program and its main scope is to provide to RWU students a transformative educational experience in international approaches to crisis management.

It will be a powerful learning tool for both RWU MBA students and the Rhode Island business community. The one week in Athens was completed with a winery tour at Papagiannakos winery and a handcrafted experience by Vouryia.

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