Wednesday, 24/08/2011

All Greek companies are eligible to participate in the competition, regardless of their legal status -private or public- with the only condition that they employ at least 50 individuals. By participating in this competition, the Greek companies will have the opportunity to assess their working environment and find out their employees' opinion about the working conditions and company climate.

The competition is based on a survey which is conducted internally by each participating company with the intention to:

  1. a) allow its employees to evaluate their workplace
    b) give the human resources manager or CEO the opportunity to describe (and support with evidence) the human resources strategy and policies of the company

In particular, a participating company is evaluated by the Trust Index employees' questionnaire (2/3 of the final score) and the Cultural Audit, top management questionnaire (1/3 of the final score). The Cultural Audit questionnaire provides information about the company's human resources strategies, policies and practices. Moreover, supplementary material (e.g. video, employee handbooks, company newsletters, etc.) is welcome in order to strengthen the understanding of the company's workplace culture and practices. The Trust Index questionnaire, answered by the employees, is a brief opinion survey in which the employees respond regarding their workplace experience in the company. In companies with less than 250 employees, all employees will receive the questionnaire, whereas in companies with more than 250 employees, a randomly selected group will be defined by ALBA in order to participate in the survey.

Each participating company, regardless of its position in the list, will receive a confidential summary indicating how the employees have responded to the employee survey (Trust Index), as well as a customized benchmark report comparing individual company results with other participants in Greece and Europe.

After the evaluation process is completed and the national Top 20 list is formed, winners will be announced in the Greek media followed by a prestigious awards ceremony. The Top 20 list will be divided in two sub-lists:

- The Top 10 SMEs (with 50-250 employees)
- The Top 10 large companies (with more than 251 employees)

Contact Persons:
Mr. Aristotelis Alexopoulos, tel.: 210 8964531-8, email:
Ms. Anthi Tsentou, tel.:  210 6971098, email:

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