Benefit from the Alba Corporate Scholarships Initiative

Thursday, 01/02/2024

Add value to your business, support your brightest and best executives!

Leverage the transformative impact of the Alba Corporate Scholarships initiative to unleash the untapped potential within your workforce.

Elevate your brand, cultivate enduring business partnerships, and nurture the leadership skills of your employees, shaping them into the trailblazers of tomorrow.

With a rich legacy spanning over 32 years, Alba has consistently addressed the evolving needs of corporations through high-end graduate education. Through our Corporate Scholarship initiative, Greek company employees gain the invaluable opportunity to pursue post-graduate degrees, fostering not only skill enhancement but also paving the way for substantial career advancement.

Since the Program’s launch in 2011, companies from shipping to banking and pharmaceutical to energy industries have come onboard and we look forward to welcoming more!

Moreover, 92 executives from 43 companies have pursued Alba’s programs in the past 5 years on an average tuition discount of 34%! 


Note that the company's sole responsibility is to notify employees by sharing internally information about Alba's Corporate Discount Program!

To learn more about what the initiative can do for you and your people, please click here.

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