Alba Welcomes Münster University for Annual Academic Retreat to Ignite Intellectual Exchange in Marketing and Sustainability

Thursday, 07/09/2023

In an important academic gathering held at Alba on Wednesday, September 6th, 2023, Dr. Pavlos Vlachos, the Theodore Papalexopoulos Chair in Sustainability and Associate Professor of Marketing, hosted and brought together a distinguished delegation from the renowned Chair of Marketing Management at Münster University, recognized globally for its excellence in education and research.

Münster University's Chair of Marketing Management, under the leadership of Professor Manfred Krafft has earned a sterling reputation within the academic community, and this collaborative event marked a significant milestone in fostering international connections and promoting the exchange of knowledge. Attended by approximately 25 esteemed guests, the event featured a series of four presentations, including a joint paper by Alba Professors, Dr. Tzioumis and Dr. Vlachos.

The event commenced at 4:00 PM with a warm welcome by Dr. Vlachos and Dr. Krafft. The event was fueled by presentations that encapsulated the forefront of marketing and sustainable research:

  • Unraveling the Secrets of Private Labels Going Organic: The implications for National Brand and Private Label Branding Strategies were expertly expounded by Nina Mack and Sertan Eravci
  • Chief Marketing Officers and Stock Market Synchronicity: Professor Tzioumis & Professor Vlachos shared their research on how stock market synchrocity drives CMOs presence in the Top Management Team of firms.
  • Peering into the Abyss: Christina Okoutsidou explored the dark side of virality and what makes disinformation go the extra mile
  • The Retail Revolution Unveiled: Felix Lehmkuhle discussed the differential effects of a radical store transformation

The event served as a dynamic platform for scholars and experts to delve into cutting-edge research and exchange ideas contributing to marketing and sustainability research.



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