1st Strategic Enterprise Management Forum - organized by SAP Hellas, with the academic support of ALBA

Monday, 03/11/2003

SAP Hellas, with the academic support of ALBA, organized the 1ST STRATEGIC ENTERPRISE MANAGEMENT FORUM, which took place on November 13th 2003. in Athens (ATHENAEUM INTERCONTINENTAL  Hotel).

The Forum aimed to shed light on significant matters that concern every Senior Executive, including:

  • Why does the majority of executives fail to understand strategy?
  • What do I have to do, to help all my management colleagues adopt a common understanding and a common language of our Enterprise strategy? 
  • Why do 7 out of 10 companies fail in implementing their strategy?   
  • How can I link the Balanced Scorecard methodology with my ongoing efforts for the modernization and upgrading of my Organization? 
  • Can a small to medium company implement the Balanced Scorecard methodology? 
  • Can a Greek company implement the Balanced Scorecard methodology? 
  • What is the appropriate time to start a Balanced Scorecard project and what preparation is needed? 
  • What actual benefits can I expect from a Balanced Scorecard implementation and how soon?


Dr David P. Norton, President & CEO of the Balanced Scorecard Collaborative Inc.
A keynote 3 hour presentation about Strategic Enterprise Management, the Balanced Scorecard Methodology, real case studies, results and learnings derived from its implementation.

Dr. Andreas Athanassopoulos, Associate Professor of Service Operations Management,  ALBA
Lessons derived from the teaching and adoption of the Balanced Scorecard in Greek Enterprises.

Dr. Nikolaos Mylonopoulos, Assistant Professor of Information Systems,  ALBA
The interdependency between Strategic Enterprise Management and state-of-the-art I.T. infrastructure.

Sergio Maccotta, Managing Director SAP Ηellas
SAP's experiences from the local and global markets in implementing enterprise-wide systems for the integrated organization of resources and Strategic Enterprise Management.

More specifically, the Forum included a unique 3-hour lecture of the Guru of Management, David P.Norton. Watch live the creator (with Robert Kaplan) of the Balanced Scorecard, the Methodology of development, implementation and measurement of business strategy, which has been rated by the Harvard Business Review as 'one of the most powerful management tools of the last 75 years'.

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