Executive Management Program

Converging experience, blending competencies, composing value for Organizations
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The Executive Management Programs, offer a contemporary overview and a shared framework of key knowledge, concepts, tools and managerial competencies that are required to succeed in today’s challenging business environment. The program provides a context in which managers orchestrate and align their knowledge, skills and competencies and get the opportunity to learn and reflect on how organizational units can collaborate and interact to implement strategy and to co – create value for the Organization.


Through a modular learning chain and a curriculum that encourages participants to balance between experience, conceptualization and application of knowledge, the mini mba blends contemporary researched- based knowledge on core business and management themes, with opportunities for experimentation, individual and group reflection and integrated learning, through case studies, individual and group assignments and collaborative learning venues.


Our Executive Management Program addresses the learning needs, challenges and aspirations of cross-functional junior talent and middle managers that will be challenged to drive their Organizations through sustainability, renewal and success in the future.


Our custom programs are taught by ALBA resident faculty, ALBA Visiting Faculty and Adjunct Instructors of Executive Development that blend business acumen with professional expertis

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