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Make Alba your academic destination and navigate the waters of the global maritime industry!

Alba has a long history of graduate studies in Shipping. Being the first school to offer a specialized MBA in Shipping, we offer today 2 graduate programs in Shipping, The MBA in Shipping and  The MSc in Shipping Management , both tailored to meet the educational needs of the global shipping industry.

Alba shipping programs have been designed in line with the most recent developments in the shipping industry and in consultation with our Alba Shipping Business Advisory Committee (BAC): a group of 17 select senior shipping professionals and ship owners.

Thanks to the careful design of the programs, our high academic standards, and the strong links we maintain with renowned companies in the shipping industry, many of our students find a job even before their graduation. On average more than 90% of our graduates find jobs in the first 6 months after graduation.

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MBA in Shipping

MSc in Shipping Management


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